Covid, Switzerland is also back to normal: new rules from Friday 1 April

Bern – Friday April 1, 2022 It will be a historic date for Italy, the first day not in a state of emergency after more than two years, but many countries are returning to normal in these days. The neighbor Swiss for example, where several Italians live and many others go every day for work, you will see revocation of practically all contentment measures Covid-19 starting precisely from 1 April.

In fact, from Friday they will be revoked the obligation of isolation for infected people And the obligation of the mask on public transport and health facilities, the last remaining measures of the Covid-19 ordinance particular situation. B.erna also decided to temporarily deactivate the SwissCovid app. In fact, with the lifting of the isolation obligation, the conditions for an effective continuation of its use are eliminated. Thanks to the high immunization rate of the population – writes the Federal Council in a note – in recent weeks there has not been a significant increase in Covid-19 patients admitted to intensive care units, despite a new temporary increase in infections. It is therefore unlikely that in the coming months public health are at great risk. However, it is not possible to predict with certainty how the pandemic will evolve. In all likelihood, the SARS-CoV-2 virus will not go away, but it will tend to endemic. We must therefore expect new seasonal waves also in the future “.

About this, Confederation and Cantoni have one planned transition phase, which will last until spring 2023, when a high level of vigilance and a high ability to react will remain. Structures must be maintained insofar as they enable the cantons and the Confederation to react quickly to new developments. This applies in particular to tests, vaccinations, contact tracing, surveillance and the notification requirement of hospitals. With the return to normalcy, most of the tasks relating to pandemic management will return to the cantons in the first place, as required by the epidemic law. Knows about this, the Canton Ticino he decided to keep in force in the health sector, the obligation to wear masks and the limited number of visits.

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