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Bologna, April 14, 2022 – Anti Covid autumn. For someone it will be fourth dosefor others “it may be a suitable preparation to fight Covid andinfluence seasonal”. Fausto France, health director of the Bologna Dyadea clinic in via Larga is already looking ahead to a “future in which we will still have to deal with Covid”.

Fausto Francia, medical director of the Dyadea clinic
Fausto Francia, medical director of the Dyadea clinic

Will vaccination still be the first weapon in our arsenal?

“If we want to play in advance, yes. Personally, I believe that the fourth dose will be indispensable for highly fragile people and for guests in elderly homes, where the risk of outbreaks is real ”.

And for all the others?

“For the rest of the population, the prospect of a vaccine that covers both the flu virus and Covid is outlined, it will be necessary to see how much progress production will make in the coming months”.

Let’s look at today: Omicron, Xe … and in recent days also Xf, what are the variants that dominate the scene?

“The exact percentages are still missing (there are prevalence studies in progress), Omicron is certainly the host, and lately we hear more and more of the Xe variant, the result of a filiation between Omicron 1 and 2”.

Should we worry?

“Luck is what we have on our side for now the variable of the climate that grants less fertile ground to the virus and helps to contain the infection. In addition to this it should be emphasized that the variants, in order not to become extinct, aim at the survival of their host. They are therefore normally more contagious but less aggressive ”.

“Unlike the original virus, they act at the level of the upper airways. They do not cause very serious damage to the lungs, but they look much more like a simple flu, accompanied by some gastrointestinal symptoms “.

Should one of these symptoms appear, is it good to have a swab?

“Our advice is to do the control test 48 hours after contact with a positive case, before it would risk not being reliable. This is because Omicron has about two days of incubation, much lower than the original viruses, which reached up to ten ”.

It happens that patients get a swab in the middle of quarantine almost out of curiosity and are negative, only to be positive at the last control swab, why does this happen?

“It largely depends on who swabs and what type it is. In the case of a molecular test the reliability is 99%, while with the rapid ‘household’ the error rates increase considerably. Whenever a new variant comes up, the question to experts is: ‘Will the vaccine crack?’ ‘And the tampons?’, Certainly both remain the first frontier in prevention at Covid “.

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