Craig Harrington, former DT América Femenil, is suspended for 2 years

Do you remember Craig Harrington? With a one-year stint in the Liga MX Femenil, The former coach of América was suspended for two years of the National Women’s Soccer League. Through a statement, the organization announced the sanction applied to the technical director after a research joint venture that began on December 14 of last year.

After a thorough review of the report, the NWSL Commissioner Jessica Berman imposed individual bans, suspensions and finesas well as the conditions under which certain people – including Harrington – would be eligible to work in the future in the league, in response to the investigation’s findings.

The penalties listed below are assigned according to a tiered system based on a combination of factors: the degree of severity of the misconduct that occurredwhether people in positions of power knew or should have known of the misconduct, the degree or repetition of the misconduct, evidence of retaliatory conduct, the proximate nature of the behavior or action to the present, and actions that did not communicate the misconduct to others.

The sanction level is reduced in cases where there were mitigating factors, such as the liability of others for contributing to the misconduct and willful disclosure, corrective action, such as acceptance of responsibility, and good faith efforts to mitigate bad decisions, such as expulsion of people in positions of authority who failed to act.

Penalty for Craig Harrington

The former coach of the Eagles is not eligible to work in the NWSL in any capacity for two years (ie, until at least January 9, 2025) and to qualify for future employment you must meet the requirements set forth below.

Future employment within the league will be conditioned upon the following factors being established to the satisfaction of the Commissioner in his sole discretion: acknowledging wrongdoing and accepting personal responsibility for misconduct, participating in training, and demonstrating a sincere commitment to correct behavior.

Let us remember that this man also had a controversial incident at the beginning of 2022 in the Liga MX Femenil when he insulted Rayadas players, for which he was suspended three games. That semester was his last with the Coapa team, leaving behind only a year of work and no titles.

What did Harrington do?

In 2020, Craig Harrington coached the Utah Royals FC team from Salt Lake City, Utah. the local medium The Salt Lake Tribune published a series of notes in which he pointed out that the strategist made a differentiation between the soccer players by their physical appearancein addition to being accused by anonymous sources of verbal abuse.

The controversy jumped when in September 2020, Craig and his assistant Louis Lancaster were suspended and the replacement of both with Amy LePeilbet as interim head coach was announced. By November, the coach and his assistant were dismissed through a statement of the club

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