Cristiano Ronaldo at OM, the little joke that has become the biggest fake news of the summer

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For one summer, OM supporters believed in an incredible story: the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo in Marseille. At the end of his career, the Portuguese wanted to leave Manchester United. But from beginning to end, this case was just an unfounded rumor.

This is the story of a dream that fueled social networks for much of the summer transfer window. It all starts with the creation of a #RonaldOM on Twitter, during a publication by a Marseille supporter. The machine is launched and the hashtag remains in trend for some time, causing fans to be enthusiastic about this news.

Cristiano Ronaldostruggling to Manchester United, is at the end of his career. At 37, the Portuguese star wants a change of scenery. His club is not qualified for the Champions League and he struggles to find a club that wants him. It was this situation that gave supporters hope that he would arrive at Marseilles.

Originally a simple joke

As often on social networks, a simple joke can quickly turn into a loop and can take on exceptional proportions. It started with a tweet from Basile Bilo, an influential user on the social network, responding to journalist Piers Morgan regarding the future of Cristiano Ronaldo. With a little editing, Basile Bilo had managed to ignite Twitter and the supporters of OM pumped things up by jumping at the chance to start a big rumour. The news even spread through the French and European media, as the situation of Ronaldo as to its future is extremely guarded. In any case, the scenarios for the future of cristiano Ronaldo have multiplied. But no club could afford the Portuguese, even at the very end of his career. It is way too expensive. But that didn’t stop fans from OM to hope at all costs the transfer of the star to Marseilles.

A rumor buried by Longoria

The summer soap opera had the merit of experiencing significant success on social networks. But the rumor, it, simply remained at this stage. Cristiano Ronaldoor rather its agent Jorge Mendesnever approached OM and there was never any question of disembarking at Marseilles. Conversations were never even up to date. On the occasion of the draw for the group stage of the Champions League, Pablo Longoria definitively buried these rumors. Rumors that would annoy him a lot internally at OM, but that needed to be clarified. When questioned, he said that ” dreaming is a beautiful thing, but we have to be sincere: we have to do with the means we have”. Words that leave no room for doubt, Cristiano Ronaldo will not come to Marseilles.

And the fans will have to get used to it.

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