Critique of Sandra Bullock’s film

Lto lost city with Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum starts as a mockery of the adventure genre. As if he wanted to ridicule her cliches, but ends up falling for the same thing.

Bullock plays an adventure book writer. A job that is a contradiction. The author does not have a fun life, but she does have the ability to describe these stories.


While the other, the gallant, the inspiration for these feats, is not exactly the macho man, dark, indomitable and without fear of anything. Quite the contrary. He is just a model, a sculptor of his body whose experience does not extend beyond the gym where he works out and photo sessions as a model.

Both characters seem to have been designed to make fun of the clichés of the adventure genre. Generally in this type of film there is a brave, inveterate, crude and ambitious man. On the other hand, an apparently weak, conceited woman who ends up joining the man’s impossible mission.

But the beginning of The Lost City is only misleading. The mockery of these clichés and giving us an idea that we are facing something new is just a hook to immerse us in the same formula that they tried to criticize. During the development of this hour and a half that the film lasts we see the same thing over and over again. Not necessarily because it is well structured, but because it copies a formula in an easy and somewhat entertaining way. There is nothing else in this film, as if copying the instructions to write a screenplay for the first time at face value.

When you know what is coming and on top of that without any added value, it does not generate interest or attention. A movie more on this Hollywood entertainment horizon.

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