Cruella, Emma Stone: “Here’s what I think of my character”


Cruella is a film released in early 2021, directed by Craig Gillespie with the subject of the famous novel by the English writer Dodie Smith101 Dalmatians“. Peculiarity of this film is the presence in the guise of the ambitious and aspiring stylist Cruella De Mon, which will later become known for his criminal obsession with Dalmatians, of the star Hollywood Emma Stone. The charm and the extravagance with which the brilliant actress immersed herself in this film made the whole thing even more Interesting in the eyes of the public and film critics. Great was the success found by the film immediately after its release, reaching a worldwide gross of 200 million dollars as of June 30, 2021. In this article we want to deepen the thought that Emma Stone dedicates to the character of Cruella.

Cruella, Emma Stone’s interest in “Cruella”

Finally the film, with the events of the famous villain interpreted by Emma Stone, has recently become available for free to all subscribers to the streaming platform Disney +. A move that has put even more under the lights of fore the platform that, as promised in recent months, will now make one of the cult films of 2021 available from the comfort of your home. On this occasion, the official account of the Disney wanted to share on Twitter a new content focused exclusively on the lead actress Emma Stone, where the star reflects on the choice and on his own personal opinions regard Cruella De Mon dwelling on the story of sensations rehearse on the set on the first day of shooting Cruella, al Liberty of Londa; the famous Regent Street shop, another experience considered amazing given the 70s setting with surreal and evocative characters.

The words of the actress

Below, we have reported the words of the beloved Emma Stone about her experience on the set of the film and her relationship with the complex character of Cruella: “I was drawn to the role of Cruella because I have always loved that character. It was so over the top, exhilarating, wild. And then, of course, terrifying. The hair, then. Those sure caught my attentionexplained the actress in the video published by Disney.


Going forward, then, the famous face interpreter of Cruella De Mon in the live action blockbuster states: “I don’t specifically remember the first time I saw the animated film as a child, but I’ve seen it many times. I loved the fact that dogs looked so much like their owners. And then I fell in love with that sort of husky voice of Cruella. I loved having that evil laugh. So playing it on screen was pretty surreal.

It seems that i disagreements between Emma Stone and Disney have subsided, given the implication on the future of the film. We recall, in fact, that the actress had spent words of praise for her colleague Scarlett Johansson who, recently, started a bitter legal battle against production house for streaming the prequel Marvel Cinematic Universe on Black Widow. In the face of what Johansson had done, Emma Stone had also expressed her propensity towards any legal provisions regarding the clearing up on Disney + of his live action on the antagonist de 101 Dalmatians.


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