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By José Alejandro Rodríguez Zas

The coming month of March of this year 2023, the fifth edition of the World Baseball Classic will be played, the highest quality event on a planetary level in the sport of balls and strikes, when it comes to national teams. From now on, several casts have begun their preparation for the event, which seems to be one of the best in history, due to the figures that will participate.

In the case of Team Cuba, this process has been developed in the midst of all the controversy generated on social networks regarding the call for pre-selection, mainly due to the absence of several “legionnaires” players who were able to integrate it, such as Yasmany Tomas or Jose Abreu.

In addition, the exclusions of key players in the I Elite League and bastions of recent years in the national team, such as Frederich Cepeda, Yordanis Samón or Fredy Asiel Álvarez, who were not even considered for the preselection of 50 players.

All this, to the bewilderment of the fans and in the midst of a string of nonsensical justifications on the part of the Cuban Baseball Federation (FCB), as if to be honest he always escaped the radar of the highest leadership of Cuban baseball.

“This Sunday we will welcome the athletes and coaches who will start preparing tomorrow as part of the pre-selection from which the Cuba team will start the V World Baseball Classic,” the official FCB Twitter account can be read from the first morning hours.

This Sunday we will welcome the athletes and coaches who will start preparing tomorrow as part of the pre-selection from which the #Cuba team will start the V World Baseball Classic. #elCubaClasico. #CubanBaseball

The message does not specify if the reception refers to the Cuban players who participate in foreign leagues, something that has generated a lot of expectation in the fans or if only the players who are within the country are expected to arrive at the concentration in the Latin American stadium. Or if it is a mixture of both, if all or some of them will arrive in the country, but surely during the day we will have more details.

On January 11, on the social network itself, the FCB had confirmed the start of training for the World Classic this Monday the 16th, “with the athletes available then.”

We confirm that next Monday the training of our preselection for the V World Baseball Classic will begin, with the athletes available then. We take this opportunity to inform that Iván Prieto will serve as bullpen receiver in this important event. #Cuba #BaseBall

In any case, everything related to Team Cuba and the World Classic generates headlines and more than one controversy. But, apparently, it is already a fact that, from this Monday, the Cuban pre-selection will begin its preparation with a view to its most important event of the year 2023.

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