Cuban DJ Tiko Sk8 dies in an attempt to emigrate to the United States

Cuban DJ Ernesto Hidalgo Mariño, known as Tiko Sk8, has died at the age of 39 while trying to emigrate from Mexico, where he had recently lived, to the United States, sources close to him told DIARIO DE CUBA.

According to the sources consulted, the Cuban artist, who had been missing since April 12, would have tried to enter the territory of USA via Tijuana Beachesan area where the border wall juts out into the sea.

The musician’s death was confirmed after the border authorities found this Sunday a body with tattoos in the area of ​​Playas de Tijuana and a friend of the Cuban DJ recognized him as hers.

Tiko SK8, who developed most of his career in the province of Holguín, he was one of the greatest exponents of electronic music in the eastern region of the countrybeing cataloged as one of the founders of said scene on the Island by the journalist specialized in music Michel Hernández.

The Cuban DJ and producer fHe joined the group Electrozona and was one of the promoters of Electro Romeríasa space for the promotion of the work of Cuban DJs and producers framed in the Romerías de Mayo, recalled the music journalist.

Tiko Sk8 is also known for create the Stereo G music festival in the town of Gibara.

After hearing the news of his death dozens of Cuban artists have sent their condolencesas is the case of film producer Dayana Prieto, who wrote that “passion was her signature, and with that same passion she threw herself into the sea.”

I can imagine him brave, entering the wicked waves. Who told that wall of shit that he could limit it? There were no limits to him. I only hope that eternity is wide for him, that he makes all those who went before us dance, that God understands him and embraces him as so many friends around the world would like to do now, “added Prieto.

The late Cuban DJ, who served as vice president of the Hermanos Saíz Association (AHS) in Holguinwas the son of Jorge Hidalgo Pimentel, who was president of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) in the same province for several years.

From April 4 seven adults and three minors left Cuba and there is no news of them. Another group of 15 Cubans who had left on April 14 are also missing.

At the same time the flow of Cubans to the US growsso it is expected that by the end of this fiscal year the figure will exceed that of the Mariel exodus in the early 1980s, deaths and disappearances are also growing of migrants.

Only since last April 4 seven adults and three minors left Cuba and there is no news of them. Another group of 15 Cubans who had left on April 14 are also currently missing.

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