Curious facts about Bad Bunny that you may not have known

The singer Bad Bunny has become one of the great exponents of Latin music in the world, achieving surprising figures with his most recent album titled “A Summer Without You”with which he managed to surpass stars like Justin Bieber, Drake and Harry Styles.

While many are aware of his musical successes, there are other aspects of his life that are unknown to some.

Bad Bunny curiosities that perhaps you did not know

  1. His real name is Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasiowas born on March 10, 1994 in Almirante Sur, Puerto Rico.
  2. His father was a trucker and his mother was a teacher. Also, she has two brothers named Bernie and Bysael.
  3. From the age of 5 to 13 he belonged to the church choir, where he attended after school.
  4. His stage name Bad Bunny is inspired by his childhood when he had to dress up as a rabbit and in the photos he was angry.
  5. His favorite food is sushi.
  6. Before becoming a singer, she worked in a supermarket to cover the expenses of her studies, since she was studying Audiovisual Communication at the University of Puerto Rico, but she only managed to complete two years, since later she dedicated herself completely to music.
  7. At home they listened to a lot of boleros and salsa, so their music is quite influenced by these rhythms.
  8. His first acting role was for a Hollywood movie alongside Brad Pitt.

Bad Bunny away from the stage

For now, the artist is keeping his word to take a break from the stage and music after the success he had with his latest album, with which he toured globally, raised millions of dollars and captivated thousands. of his fans with his music.

In addition, to stay away from the rain of criticism that he received after the incident he suffered with a fan to whom he threw his cell phone in the distance for asking for a photo.

In the same way, the paparazzi do not lose track of him and have seen him very much in love with the model kendall jennerwith whom he would have a relationship, because they have been seen to be very romantic together on several occasions.

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