Dani Alves had a narcissistic attitude before the judgeHalftime

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The problems for Dani Alves seem to have no end. The Brazilian player is being held in Barcelona due to an accusation of sexual assault, which would have occurred on December 30 in a nightclub, for which he now faces Spanish justice.

little by little more details of what happened that night have been coming to light in the Catalan club, which do not leave the Brazilian in a good position, who is going to need a good defense if he wants to verify that everything he is accused of is false.

Has Dani Alves had a narcissistic attitude?

One of the reasons why Dani Alves was sent to prison without the right to bail It is because your statement presented inconsistencies. Even in information collected by TV3, they point out that The South American contradicted himself and gave three versions:

In the first, he assured that he did not know the girl who accused him of rape; then he asserted that he had indeed seen her, but arguing that nothing happened to her. Finally that it was she who jumped on him.

However, one of the things that has surprised is that according to the Spanish channel Alves would have shown narcissistic behavior during his meeting with the judgebelieving himself unpunished and that he was not going to have repercussions.

Did the Brazilian deny that he knew the victim?

In weeks ago, Dani Alves published a video where he stated that he did not know the person who was accusing him, so he wanted to clarify that it was all a lie.

I would like to deny everything. I was there, in that place, with more people, enjoying myself. Everybody knows that I love to dance. Enjoying, but without invading the space of others and when you choose to go to the bathroom, you do not ask who is in the bathroom to go to the bathroom ”, was part of her message.

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