Daniel Bisogno receives the news that his house is “on fire”

The incident occurred at noon on Tuesday.

Daniel Bisogno He had a tremendous scare this Tuesday afternoon after receiving the news, from the mother of his daughter, that his house was on fire.

Was Pati Chapoy who told about it through the program ‘window’, assuring that he had been concerned after arriving at the forum and seeing the worried faces of his colleagues.

“When I arrived at the Ventaneando forum I was surprised that everyone had a terrified face and I asked what was happening… it turns out that Iyari González, producer (of the program) receives the image of Daniel’s ‘supposed house’ on fire and I I see Daniel desperate on the phone… what happened?” said Chapoy.

”Yes it was my house”

Just as Pati was telling the story, Bisogno interrupted her, assuring her that it was her house.

“It wasn’t ‘alleged’, I almost had a cardiorespiratory arrest because my daughter’s mother spoke to me, telling me ‘your house is on fire’, my knees buckled but I remembered at that moment that they were waterproofing the canopy and at the time that they are sniffing the waterproofing, sparks flew to the neighbor’s house, and from the heaviest to finish grinding it, a bamboo that is already quite dry ignited, “he mentioned.

In this way, the driver makes it clear that although the fire was started from his house, it was his neighbor’s bamboo that had caught fire; however, it was quickly brought under control.

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