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ORIn a film that made a lot of noise, he criticized the edges. After the first excellent in texture (with John Krasinski, 2018), then the second and ton bien en dessous (Emily Blunt and Cillian Murphy, 2020), the saga Without noise essay in prequel with 1 day. This was done by Michael Sarnoski, who made three curiosities. Pig (2021), a feature film released at the Merced Theatre. And it’s a great novel.

Situé quelque temps before the film’s premiere, on and help at the sites of alien invasions, sensitive to noise, reducing the world to silence. This is a New York parfaitement muette qu’évoluent Samira (Lupita Nyong’o, Best Actress Oscar 2014 in a second role) Twelve Years a Slave), the young woman is seriously ill, and they chat with Frodon.

A LYRE AUSSIE The Horror Film That Will Change the Way We Think About Suburbs“Ils et Croiseron on Eric’s route” (Joseph Quinn, star Very strange things), un étudiant en droit trouillard et suiveur, qui s’accrochera à eux comme une moule à son rocher. Ensemble, ils devront Survivre à ces Creatures d’un Other World, qui Tuent au Moindre shade.

Michael Sarnoski, additional teams driver

Dishonored: we do not expect this new opus. The three films and the prequel are set in delicate positions, 1 day doit a composer with a non-existent surprise and a franchise that will leave much of the tour in doubt. C’est là (…)

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