Dead David Lawson, one of the founders of Imagine Software and Psygnosis –

Also David Lawson he left us, at a time when the British scene saw several veterans of the videogame industry leave. The founder of Imagine Software And Psygnosis he died on August 10, 2021 at the age of 62. Until now the news had not spread widely, remaining confined to some restricted circles of the network.

A photo of David Lawson

A photo of David Lawson

Lawson was 23 when he founded Imagine Software in 1982, quickly transforming it into one of the largest British studios of the time. When it went bankrupt in 1984, it had over a hundred employees. Those were other times and it was not easy to move in an industry like that of video games that practically did not exist yet and whose boundaries were all to be defined.

Lawson worked on several Imagine titles at the time, such as Arcadia and Ah Diddums. Among the latest Imagine projects, Psyclapse And Bandersnatch, never published. The latter has become something of a legend, so much so that it deserves an interactive movie on Netflix.

After the failure of Imagine, Lawson did not give up and founded Psygnosis, which many will know by series as Lemmings, Shadow of the Beast and Wipeout. Psygnosis will be acquired by Sony in 1993, becoming SCE Studio Liverpool in 2000, a name it will keep until closing in 2012.

John Gibson, a former Imagine programmer, commented on Lawson’s death calling him one of the fathers of the British video game industry. We join in the grief for this bad loss, wishing Lawson that the afterlife is 8-bit. He would certainly like it.

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