Deadpool: 21 details hidden in the Marvel movie

Discover the references and winks hidden in the irreverent Marvel movie Deadpool.

Stan Lee DJing a strip club, references to the X-Men and even Batman, this is the program that awaits you in the details and references sometimes discreetly hidden in Tim Miller’s Deadpool, with Ryan Reynolds.

Batman pops!

Twentieth Century Fox

During the fight inside the car, the car radio suffers a few repeated shocks, which causes the music to change. For a brief moment, we can hear a few notes from the credits of the Batman live series of the 60s, worn by Adam West and Burt Ward.


Twentieth Century Fox

On this road sign appears the name “Ditko Ave”, literally “Ditko Avenue”, in homage to Steve Ditko, cartoonist and screenwriter of comics, co-creator of Spider-Man and Doctor Strange, among others.

A well-known pizza

Twentieth Century Fox

Comic book fans will have recognized the pizza scene, immortalized in issue #10 of the Deadpool collection in 2018 and signed by Kelly Thompson and Geraldo Sandoval, among others.

Reference to the MCU

Twentieth Century Fox

On the box of the pizza ordered by Wade Wilson appears the name of Feige in reference to Kevin Feige, the mastermind of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Recall that at the time of the film’s release, the film rights to Deadpool belonged to Twentieth Century Fox. It was therefore a nod to “competition”.

Impossible to see!

Twentieth Century Fox

When Wade Wilson enters Sister Margaret’s School for Wayward Children and crosses the bar to find the Weasel, he meets a man briefly named: Liefeld. It’s about Rob Liefeld, the creator of Deadpool and other mutants like the Externals.

Already heard

Twentieth Century Fox

In the original version, Wade tells Weasel, “I’ve always wanted to travel far to exotic places, meet exciting new people, and kill them.” This echoes the same line declaimed by Wade (already played by Ryan Reynolds) in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009).

Who will die first?

Twentieth Century Fox

This table only contains known names. We can recognize that of actor TJ Miller (who plays Weasel / the Weasel), Ryan Reynolds (who plays Wade), but also those of Shia LaBeouf, Vladimir Poutine, Miley Cyrus or … Rob Liefeld.


Twentieth Century Fox

Vanessa Carlysle, here played by Morena Baccarin, becomes in the comics Copycat, a shapeshifting supervillain who can copy other people’s looks and cells and eventually finds her way to redemption.

What is this character hiding?

Twentieth Century Fox

In the laboratory of Ajax and his teams, Wade meets David Cunningham, played by Hugh Scott. His character is actually well known to comic book fans, since it is Worm, as revealed in the original script of the film. In the comics, Deadpool is forced to kill Worm before he is lobotomized by Ajax.


Twentieth Century Fox

Still in the lab, Wade sees a woman with a bare back from which bone thorns protrude. This is a detail that refers to the supervillain Marrow, created in 1994 and who will become a terrorist fought by the X-Men.

Deadpool is RoboCop

Twentieth Century Fox

Defeated by Colossus, Deadpool is dragged on the ground and loose: “You leave with me, dead or alive!”, a sentence that refers to the line of RoboCop Paul Verhoeven: “You will come with me, dead or alive”.

Disarticulated puppet

Twentieth Century Fox

When he fights Colossus, by dint of hitting his steel body, Deadpool breaks all his limbs one by one. We remember a similar scene from Monty Python, Sacred Grail (1975) between King Arthur and the Dark Knight.

A well-known number

Twentieth Century Fox

On the business card the Weasel gives to Wade is a number. This is the same number used by the character Lester Burnham played by Kevin Spacey in American Beauty (2000).

Why this toy?

Twentieth Century Fox

This is the figure of the version X-Men Origins: Wolverine of the character. This film, which depicts a Deadpool that bears no relation to the one in the comics, is much mocked over the course of this film. Later in the feature film, Wade says “my lips are closed”, in reference to the fact that in X-Men Origins: WolverineWade Wilson gets his lips sealed.

Stan Lee

Twentieth Century Fox

As was traditional, Stan Leethe co-creator of many Marvel heroes from the Golden Age of comics appears in the film as a DJ and entertainer.

Replica of Spider-Man 2

Twentieth Century Fox/Sony Pictures

In the strip club scene, La Fouine declares (in the original version): “Go Get Them, Tiger”, a reference to the last line of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2, between Mary-Jane and Peter Parker, before he flies off to fight crime before the credits roll. We find the same line when Deadpool encourages Negasonic Teenage Warhead to fight Angel Dust (Gina Carano).


Twentieth Century Fox

Teenage Negasonic Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) wears the traditional X-Men outfit from the comics. No movie before Deadpool had used this costume before to represent the mutant team. Fans will appreciate.

But who is Bob?

Twentieth Century Fox

At the end of the film, Deadpool fights the members of a commando and stops when he recognizes “Bob”, a friend (played by Rob Hayter), who does not escape the correction of his life. This Bob actually designates “Bob, HYDRA agent”, a former terrorist of this criminal organization. Only, the Fox not having the cinematographic rights of the HYDRA, the scriptwriters simply baptized it Bob.

Wolverine is (a little) in the film!

Twentieth Century Fox

When revealing his face to Vanessa, Wade actually placed a cutout of a photo of Hugh Jackman to hide his scars. This is the photo that earned the Wolverine singer the cover of People magazine as “Sexiest Man”. Jackman and Reynolds are very good friends in real life, and at the time send friendly spades through social networks.

Very well hidden post-credits scene.

Twentieth Century Fox

After the very end of the credits, Deadpool appears in a bathrobe in reference to the end of Ferris Bueller’s Crazy Day, to tell people to go away and that he has no budget for a Deadpool 2 trailer. He leaves, the credits resume, then he comes back to announce that in the sequel, the character of Cable will be present. Deadpool and Cable have had a lot of adventures together in the comics, and their movie together will be released in 2018, starring Josh Brolin.

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