Demi Moore’s Resilience

At almost 59 years old, Demi Moore is splendid because she was able to overcome her demons, that is, she faced addictions, rebuilt her life with an international chef and her family is in optimal conditions.

When she was in her teens and in high school, the woman became interested in acting and that is why she took specific classes that would later determine her future. In this way, she headed for her dream and just when she was about to arrive, in her early youth she experienced a sexual assault, which she would later capture in her autobiography published in 2019.

With effort and perseverance, Moore did not stop at this sad fact but put all his strength to be able to finish his training, look for a job, save money and thus be able to move from New Mexico to try his luck in the Hollywood industry. There he got small roles and, while working to earn a living, one fine day without thinking he got a role in the movie Love in Focus. Since then he would not stop working for many decades.

Along with the successes, the artist suffered the loss of her father and this brought her inconceivable pain. Later, she met her first husband, colleague and renowned actor Bruce Willis. Both would plan a wedding that had shocks before the doubts of the gallant of the 80s, but they bought a house and formed a family with the birth of their three daughters.

Once the girls began to grow, the couple had certain crises and could not cope with them. That is why they determined that divorce would be the best decision and so each one continued on their way.

In this context, Demi won roles in films that earned her popularity and established her as one of the highest paid actresses in the United States. This, for example, happened thanks to projects like Question of honor, To the limit and Striptease.

At the same time that he became a desired star, he had begun to consume alcohol and cocaine. She also started dating Ashton Kutcher, they had turmoil and even lost a six-month pregnancy. This couple lived many years in peace but they also lived through the aforementioned storms, which were revealed by their protagonists. Once he left the house they shared, he began a relationship with Mila Kunis, with whom they soon became the parents of two children.

For her part, Demi took refuge in the love of her inner circle to get through this situation and was able to get ahead. It was when she got down to work writing her biography, but she also put aside, for a while, her acting to embark as a model for an international brand. Today she dedicates herself fully to the production of independent films and is dating a chef.

In addition, due to the illness of her ex, Bruce Willis, the woman made the decision to accompany him in everything he needs, since he also retired from filming. That is why Demi is often seen with the current wife of the heartthrob and the little girls, all going through the family moment in the best possible way.

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