Did Taylor Swift just teaser the impending release of 1989 (Taylor’s Version)?

Is Taylor Swift about to release her own version of 1989? It is in any case the rumor which, among the fans, circulated this weekend.

A few days ago, during a video recorded for The CulturistasTaylor Swift was shown wearing sky blue (a color that inevitably recalls the 1989 era – album released in 2014). Although Taylor Swift has a habit of sowing clues for her fans, it is not this unique color that has alerted those who for years have called themselves the Swifties.

“1989 Secret Session, Nashville”

Indeed, in the video, we can see behind the artist a panel on which he is inscribed “1989 Secret Session, Nashville”. As a reminder, the interpreter of Style has a habit of organizing secret listening sessions only reserved for its most loyal fans. Will a session be recorded soon to introduce this new version of 1989? In any case, this is what Internet users seem to believe.

After releasing Red (Taylor’s Version) last November, Taylor Swift has -in the past- subtly shown her willingness to release a brand new version of 1989. For example, songs like Wildest Dreams (TV) or This Love (TV) have already been published… Will 1989 be offered to us in the fall? We hope so.

Worn by Shake it off, 1989 had been released for the first time on October 27, 2014.

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