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The land of cueramaroone of the 46 municipalities of the state of Guanajuato and one of the seven that have the ‘Tequila Denomination of Origin’ (DOT), are the source of a tequila with argentinian spiritwhich will carry as its flag the surname, face and signature of what is considered by many to be the best footballer in the world, Diego Armando Maradona.

Maradona Tequila, which will be released on March 15, was possible Thanks to the acquisition of one license of use of brand obtained by the businessman from Guanajuato, Víctor Manuel Torres Torres and his son Víctor Manuel Torres Ascencio, by the company SATTVICA SA, owned by Matías Edgardo Morla, who was the soccer player’s lawyer.

With 40 years of experience in the shoe and textile industry, and a long trajectory living together near to mexican soccer through your brand eescordwhich dressed clubs like Necaxa, Tecos and Toros Neza, and even currently equips professional referees, the businessman from San Francisco del Rincón decided to diversify his business and enter the world of the tequilaa business that personalities such as Michael Jordan, Dwayne Johnson, Adam Levine, George Clooney, Daddy Yankee and Carlos Santana have entered in recent years.

“A license It doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a lot of investment and luck. Here she helped the hand of God. I I met to Diego Armando Maradona in a Final in saint Louis. I spent 12 hours looking for him and there I met his nephew Diego López Maradona and I asked him to help me because he was wearing a hat for him. My icon, my tradition is to give hats, I wear three Popes, the Dalai Lama, George Bush, I wear five presidents, politicians, athletes, many”.

“I was there until he came out, I showed him the hatI got it I agree. That’s where the connection ended. When he dies I thought the story was over and the nephew I speak and he asked me if I was interested in a Maradona brand license. We enter with shoes first, but i thought in making a tequila and from there I was born”.

Together with Jalisco, Nayarit, Tamaulipas and Michoacán, Guanajuato is one of the five states that have the ‘Designation of Origin Tequila‘ (DOT). Currently, and according to data from the state government, 43,000 hectares and 400 million agaves are planted in the municipalities of Cuerámaro, Abasolo, Pénjamo, Manuel Doblado, Romita and Purísima del Rincón, a neighboring town of the San Francisco del Rincón town hall. where the warehouse and distribution center are located.

“Here we are certificates for the production of agave. Have six states for supply to all the worldThat is why the agave is also the Mexican green gold, and that is why it must be given the name it deserves. In Guanajuato we have around 400 million plants in Purísima, Manuel Doblado, Romita, Abasolo, Pénjamo and Cuerámaro. Everything is agave and here we have the best of Mexico”.

The goal is to reach the United States

He first step will be to enter the market of USA, the main consumer of tequila in the world and to which about 300 million liters are exported per year. He second step, according to the employer, will be carry it to cities where Diego Armando increased his figure like Naples in Italy or Barcelona in Spain, and countries like ArgentinaGermany, China, France and Mexico.

“He design is a construction site of art with Maradona and his face. I thought about doing this projection to sell it worldwide. He market what interests me now is USAI do not want to say that Mexico does not, we are also going to enter Mexicobut first the big leagues to Naplesto Barcelona, ​​Madrid, France, Germany…in Argentina we also already have a distributor, they are already waiting for our product. This project has been running for four years. For me there is nothing impossible and this is a success for all of Mexico, because there is no Tequila Maradona in the world”.

Goes for more ‘Maradona’ products

Tequila is not the only product that it intends to exploit commercially, since among its Projectsin addition to some shoes of soccerfor those who already have a license, also has in mind the development of a mezcal and one beer with the Maradona brand, which was granted on May 30, 2022, through an agreement signed by Matías Edgardo Morla and Víctor Manuel Torres Ascencio.

“I took two licenses and shoes are coming. Now I bring the tequila, but there is also a mezcal and other projects that are going to be given as a beer and all the product is thinking to export”.

“The 15 of marcheither we launch worldwide the maradona tequila. I have a slogan that says: ‘He was born in Guanajuato. Tequila Maradona 10, export quality. From San Pancho to the World’”.

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