Díez Manglano, head of the Internal Service at Royo Villanova

Jesus Diez Manglano.

Zaragoza Hospital Royo Villanova has concluded its selective process to select the one who will be its head of Internal Medicine Service for the next four years, with the possibility of extending this relationship. The one proposed by the Specialized Technical Commission and accepted by the managing director of the Aragonese Health Service, José María Arnal Alonso, has been the internist and president of the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (SEMI) Jesus Diez Manglano.

The specialist, born in Zaragoza, was currently physician attached to the Internal Medicine Service in said hospital complex, where he already worked as medical director in the period 2001-2004. Previously, he was also head of the Multipathological Patient Unit at Hospital Miguel Servet.

Díez Manglano will have one month to take office and, in addition, as stipulated in the call published in the Official Gazette of Aragon, he must sign a four-year clinical management agreement of the healthcare unit, based on the project presented and whose development and compliance will be evaluated at the end of the four years.

Resume of Díez Manglano

Díez Manglano has a degree in Medicine from the University of Zaragoza (1985) and Doctor from the same university in 1992. He specialized in Internal Medicine via MIR between 1986 and 1990. In addition, he has a Master’s degree in Medical Management and Clinical Management from the UNED and a Master’s degree in Cardiovascular Disease from the University of Barcelona. she since He has been working at the Royo Villanova Hospital in Zaragoza for 20 years. Since 2008 he has been an associate professor in Health Sciences at the Department of Medicine, Dermatology and Psychiatry at the University of Zaragoza. He has been a tutor for resident doctors at the Zaragoza University Clinical Hospital (1993-1994) and at the Royo Villanova Hospital in Zaragoza (2008-2014).

Is responsible investigator of the Research Group on Comorbidity and Pluripathology in Aragon of the Aragonese Institute of Health Sciences since 2012. In addition, he has been Coordinator of the COPD Group of the Spanish Foundation of Internal Medicine (2011-2013) and has directed research projects in the areas of Comorbidity and Pluripathology, COPD, Heart Failure and Atrial Fibrillation.

In 2018, it organized the National Congress on Chronic Patient Care held in Zaragoza. She has also coordinated the technical group that developed the Complex Chronic Patient Care Process in Aragon, and has collaborated with the Ministry of Health, the Andalusian Government and the Government of Aragon in documents on the care of chronic patients. Since 2020 it is President elect of the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (SEMI).

In addition, Díez Manglano is author or co-author of more than 100 communications at national and international conferences and 60 posts in journals included in international directories. He has been a reviewer for magazines such as Annals of Internal Medicine, European Journal of Internal Medicine, Journal of American Geriatric Society, International Journal of COPD, Spanish Clinical Journal and Clinical RespiratoryJournal, among other.

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