DIOR AUTUMN-WINTER 23/24, a tribute to the woman of the 50s

The final touch to Paris Fashion Week has not yet been put on and there are already firms that have definitely won us over with their proposals for autumn-winter 2023/2024. One of those that has dressed the fashion capital with the most cutting-edge trends? Dior, what with his new collection ready-to-wearpredicts what we will see the most next winter season on the red carpets and, of course, in the street style.

Will you accompany us to discover all the details of the new collection created by Maria Gracia Chiuri?

1. A parade by and for women

In just a few days it is International Women’s Day, and Maria Gracia Chiuri wanted to honor independent women with a collection that pays tribute to three extraordinary personalities who managed to sabotage the female stereotypes that were part of the post-war mentality: the singer Édith Piaf, the singer and actress Juliette Grecó, and Christian Dior’s sister and first ‘Miss Dior’: Catherine Dior.

To the rhythm of ‘Non, je ne regrette rien’ by Édith Piaf and accompanied by a scenery created by Joana Vasconcelos that took us to the universe of Catherine Dior in which flowers were her passionthe models wore designs that represent a femininity that goes against the current: rebellious, strong and fragile that suggests emotional paths for the new generations of women that will shape our future.

©Adrien Dirand

2. Dialogue between the past and the present of the house

the dior line ready-to-wear Autumn-Winter 2023-2024 includes a reinterpretation of the trends that were the protagonists of the 20s and 50s, in addition to including others that were already with us last season, thus paying homage to the firm’s historical journey.

In her reinterpretation of 50s fashion, Gracia Chiuri has not hesitated to reinvent the iconic ‘New Look’ silhouette, taking it towards softer forms but maintaining the sophistication with which Christian Dior created it in his day. She also advocates midi skirts with a lot of flare and marked waists.

On the other hand, in his commitment to the vintagetakes us back to the 20s with his version of the cloche hat, which merges with other more current trends such as the use of transparencies, glitter or long gloves.

3. It dark comes before the colorful

if we have to choose a color to define this collection, that would be black. Now, this choice goes far beyond the catwalk, and it is that black was also the favorite hue among the big stars who did not want to miss the parade. Gal Gadot, Alexandra Daddario or the Spanish Gala González, were some of the celebrities who wore a total black look for the occasion.

However, among Chiuri’s proposals we also find different shades of grey, brown, purple, green, blue and red, without forgetting the garments with gradients, which include a mix of the aforementioned colors.

4. The prints, the other great protagonists

In addition to the scenery, the flowers that honor ‘Miss Dior’ are present in up to three versions in the designs of the collection: blurred silhouettes, raised embroideries and small shapes.

Now, this party was not lacking either he Animal Print leopard print, the map of the city of Paris printed on a skirt and dress, or the classic tartan, that we could see in sets, skirts and coats.

And you, what do you think of the last Dior show?

Sarah Prieto: @saraprieto11

Images: Courtesy of Dior

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