Do you remember her? The time Ariana Grande dressed as president and proved to be an all-rounder

Through advertising, music, film and television, celebrities have taken it upon themselves to speak about the importance of female empowerment. Such is the case of

Ariana Grande the Hollywood singer who has more than 350 million followers on Instagram and 50 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

On October 22, 2020, the interpreter of ‘7 Rings’ caused a furor on digital platforms by showing her single ‘Positions’a song that not only stole the eyes of the users thanks to its rhythm, but also managed to make a difference since the artist decided to show that women are able to function in any professional position, even if this trade is historically related to men.
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That was how he personified in the music video to a president of the United States. Dressed in a suit, surrounded by press officers and secretaries and attending to multiple tasks, the 29-year-old showed that she is determined to continue achieving success in the industry. The video already collects more than 450 million views and 8 million ‘likes’ on the platform.
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  • Why watch Los Briceño?

Cecilia, better known as La Chiqui in the production of Caracol Televisión, has stood out particularly for her empowerment, because since she found out she was pregnant with Deisy She has looked for a way to raise her daughter and fulfill her dream of becoming a muleteer. despite the comments of the people around her.
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“I think she fights for what she wants (Cecilia) and sometimes we don’t understand that we are rebels with a cause (…) I want you to imagine me on Avenida de Cali, on a mule, at a traffic light, taking classes”expressed Katherine Escobar for La Red, the actress who gives life to the protagonist of the stories.

Although her family and many other acquaintances have taken it upon themselves to close the doors on her because it is a job “for men”, the young woman has persevered on multiple occasions. Now she is torn between resuming her relationship with Samuel, the father of ‘La Mirringuita’ and Peluche, the young man who has supported her unconditionally since she can remember.

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