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The latest rumors are only getting louder: does American star Selena Gomez have an Italian boyfriend? That’s who it is.

selena gomez italian boyfriend
Has Selena Gomez found love again? (Getty images)

She has had several relationships, but for some time now, the American singer, actress and activist Selena Gomez is focusing on work and her physical and mental health. He has had to face several emotional turmoil, especially as regards the stormy romance with Canadian singer Justin Bieber.

The two met on stage during a famous event. It was 2010 and both were still very young and already so famous. Before meeting the young Justin, the Texan singer he dated actor Taylor Lautner and Jonas Brother singer Nick Jonas. In 2010 the first meeting with Justin Bieber, an artist who at that time was breaking out as a great music star. Since the two were together on and off, until their story ended definitively in 2017. He is now married to Hailey Bieber, while it seems that Selena has approached a charming and talented Italian manufacturer.

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Does Selena Gomez have an Italian boyfriend? The truth about their relationship

andrea iervolino boyfriend selena gomez who he is
Andrea Iervolino (Getty images)

The Italian film producer Andrea Iervolino ended up in the crosshairs of gossip after being spotted on several occasions in the company of the famous American singer and actress Selena Gomez. The two have collaborated in the past for a film, and it seems that from that collaboration a very deep bond. American tabloids think the charming producer may be Selena’s new flame, but what will the truth be?

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After the romance with Zedd and The Weeknd, maybe Selena Gomez has found love again. She and Andrea Iervolino have been seen together several times, first around Rome and then last July aboard a prestigious yacht. Both times, however, they were in the company of other friends, which it makes us think that perhaps there is only a close bond of friendship between the two. What will the truth be?


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