Dollar price today, January 10 in Colombia

Analysts are still waiting for a decision the Fed may make regarding interest rates.

Photo: Bloomberg – Tomohiro Ohsumi

The dollar closed lower on Wednesday, consolidating at $3,934. This represents a decline of $8 from Tuesday’s close, representing a drop of 0.20%.

Representative market rate (TRM) remains at $3934.13.

According to most analysts consulted in this way, the dollar continues to show high dependence on the decision that the US Federal Reserve (Fed) may make regarding interest rates.

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Behavior-based expectations inflationis that rates will begin to fall, which will affect the price of the dollar in Colombia downwards.

This is due to the fact that lower interest rates will lead to increased opportunities for financing investment projects in Colombiaas well as greater solvency for the products exported by this country.

The premise regarding the price of the dollar is that the more dollars there are in circulation in a country, the lower their price will be. fed will be decisive.

The dollar is expected to remain relatively weak this year, below the $4,000 barrier. It is likely, as experts say, that the thresholds of $3,800 will be reached again.

However, all of these forecasts are subject to change as the world registers variables that could affect the deficit, such as escalating conflict in Ukraine and along the Gaza Strip border, as well as other geopolitical and commercial tensions.

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