Dolph Lundgren’s “mafia” car

Dolph Lundgren owns an outstanding collection of luxury and sports cars, but there is the “mobster” he never forgets for travel, recreation, family sharing and more. We show you…

Dolph Lundgren beyond his passion for acting, also loves his multi-million dollar collection of cars whose variety is top notch, including expensive sports cars, luxury cars and classics. because he loves to enjoy incredible bodies that travel several kilometers offering the best in speed and performance.

As the front line of their fleet, we see Ferraris, Aston Martins, Spania GTAs and highly functional trucks, showing the prowess to drive in any size, style and efficiency, typical of the brands chosen by the actor who never loses sight of the best of the moment.

Nevertheless, There is a particular vehicle that became the great “gangster” of his garage, which he frequently uses to travel around his native country, among friends, with family. or simply indulge in everyone’s favorite, known to be an extraordinary classic.

It is about the excellent ’77 Corvette L82spectacular and resistant functional model that offers V8 engine with 180 horsepower, top speed 246km/h, two-door manufacturing of excellent driving and internal comfort.

In the same way, It has a four-speed manual transmission in sports performance, with leather upholstery on its seats and the mixture of an imposing image plus fast performance that makes it a key part of any luxury collection.

Dolph Lundgren in his ’77 Corvette L82

Dolph Lundgren in his ’77 Corvette L82

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