Domhnall Gleeson, what does the actor from ‘Peter Rabbit’ sound like to you?

His face is very familiar to you because you have seen him many times on the screen, but where? At 39 years old, Domhnall Gleeson He has a long career in theater, film and television. Secondary roles dominate his filmographyalthough he has also starred in some well-known titles, such as the romantic comedy a matter of timewhere she shares a letter with Rachel McAdams, or peter rabbita film that you can see this Thursday, August 11 on La 1 and RTVE Play from 10:25 p.m.

Irish actor Domhnall Gleeson, star of ‘Peter Rabbit’ GTRES GTRES

Domhnall Gleeson has participated in great productions, such as the revenantalongside Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio. In it he plays Captain Andrew Henry. In addition, the Irish actor has worked under the orders of Angelina Jolie in Invincible, where he gives life to Phil, a pilot who, after surviving 47 days on a raft on the high seas, is kidnapped by the Japanese navy in the middle of World War II. Gleeson can also boast that his name appears in the credits of two of the best known international sagas: Harry Potter Y starwars.

Bill Weasley, Ron’s older brother in Harry Potter

You knew it sounded like something to you, but you didn’t fall for it. Yes, Domhnall Gleeson is Bill WeasleyRon’s older brother in the well-known saga Harry Potter. He appears in the last two installments, do you remember his character? The first time we saw him on screen, specifically in a family vacation photo, it was not the Irish actor who appeared. It was Richard Fish, who was later replaced by Gleeson.

Domhnall Gleeson plays Bill Weasley

“I was a fan of Harry Potterbut in my first day on the set of i had a horrible day. There were 300 people, it was absolutely crazy, I became Australian in accent instead of English, I panicked. I met these amazing people whose work I had seen and loved for years and the pressure got to me… I didn’t handle it well, the first day, but after that I got better,” Domhnall Gleeson said in an interview.

Protagonist of one of the best episodes of BlackMirror

If you are a fan of BlackMirrorsure you’ve seen the episode Be Right Back (I’ll be back right now). It is the first of the second season and is considered one of the best of the series. Domhnall Gleeson brings to life the protagonist of this story, Ash, a social media addict who dies unexpectedly in an accident. To get over losing him, his girlfriend Marthawho is also pregnant, gets in touch with a company that has managed to develop a software that imitates someone’s way of being by collecting data from everything they have published on the network.

Still from ‘I’ll be right back’, episode of ‘Black Mirror’

At first they are just text messages, but loneliness leads him to create a double of Ash. He is the same physically, he even has traits of his personality, but it is not him. The chapter delves into the danger of future technologies.

General Hux of starwars

General Hux first appeared on screen in the film Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens (2015), played by the Irish actor, a ruthless commander. I also appeared in the Episode VIII – The Last Jedi and in the Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker. Gleeson confessed in a Radio Times interview that he almost turned down the role. Why? “Fame is the goal of many people, but not mine. I think it would affect my daily life“, he acknowledged. For the interpreter it has always been important to lead a normal life, despite being a movie star and have worked on numerous large projects.

Domhnall Gleeson as General Hux from ‘Star Wars’

his last works

Among his latest works is the series The patient, a psychological thriller that premieres on August 30 on the Hulu platform. Domhnall Gleeson shares the bill with Steve Carell in this story, which revolves around therapist Alan Strauss, who is a prisoner of his patient Sam Fortner, who is revealed to be a serial killer. The Irish actor will also be in The White House Plumbers, another HBO series that will be released this year, where Gleeson has a supporting role. The fiction tells the true story of how Nixon’s political saboteurs and Watergate masterminds accidentally brought down the presidency they were trying to protect.

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