Dominican murders her sister in New Jersey

A young Dominican woman identified as Omelly Domínguez, 21, was found dead of a gunshot to the head at her residence located in Little Ferry, New Jersey.

The young woman would have been killed by her 27-year-old sister Angielly Domínguez, who was intercepted by the police, after fleeing the scene of the crime.

The incident occurred in the middle of a discussion between the sisters this Tuesday afternoon.

According to local media that went to the scene and spoke with the investigators, the older sister, who lived in Jacksonville, Florida, was staying at the house of the now-deceased when Omelly (deceased) refused to lend her money. Angielly to stay in a hotel, saying that she had “done too much already” for her sister.

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Omelly Domínguez, and Angielly Domínguez Muñoz in a photo taken in the backyard of Little Ferry’s home on Sand Hill Court the day before the murder. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

The brother of the two young women told the police that after this discussion he heard a shot, and when he turned around, he found one of his sisters wounded on the ground.

“What did you do?” the brother asked Angielly Dominguez, who immediately ran out of the house, got into a white Ford Mustang with silver stripes and fled, the girls’ brother told authorities. .

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Omelly Dominguez, 21 years old. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

After the shot, the 27-year-old fled in her vehicle, and according to the police report, she was arrested about 90 miles away. Five firearms were found in the vehicle.

“Dominguez was taken to the State Police headquarters in Moorestown, then to the Little Ferry police headquarters for processing. She was eventually taken to a county cell to await her first appearance at the Central Court of Justice in Hackensack,” reported the Daily Voice portal.

So far, the 27-year-old Dominican is identified as the only one involved in the event.

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