Dominicans come to blows with NY police

In an incident reported this Sunday at the intersection of East 168th Street in the Bronx, a group of Dominicans staged a violent act in which they clashed with city police officers and threw glass bottles at them.

A video that has traveled through social networks shows NY policemen having a heated discussion with a group of Dominicans. “Stay back, stay back,” members of the police could be heard saying.

The Dominicans who caused the act were classified by the Detective Staffing Association as “emboldened criminals” that have been created thanks to the laws without consequences that exist in New York.

The association published a statement accompanied by the video, in which they assure that the city is in a state of crisis.

“Politicians can continue to ignore the emboldened criminals they have created with New York’s NO CONSEQUENCES laws, but the voting public and the police officers who serve them are in peril. The city is in crisis and the governor, the legislature and many prosecutors are missing,” wrote the association that serves more than 20,000 active officers in NY.

“It’s ridiculous how bad the disrespect is for law enforcement…and those in power just turn a blind eye!” one user wrote in the post.

Just on Sunday, the police reported a shooting that occurred during the celebration of the Dominican Parade in the Bronx and that could have caused the brawl between the police and the Dominicans. The incident occurred after Mayor Eric Adams opened the parade.

The authorities recovered a weapon at the scene, and at the time of the violent act in which they were assaulted, they were arresting a young man for the shooting.

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