dozens of patients were unaware

The circumstance emerged from the analysis of the videos of the surveillance cameras: in the images, in the proceedings of the investigation, we see the nurse pouring the contents of the vial that she should have injected onto the gauze. From the investigations, thanks to wiretaps and interrogations, it emerged that users thought they had received the vaccine and were convinced that they were protected: their Green Passes will now have to be seized.

After the discovery of the new cases, the Digos agents of the Palermo police headquarters carried out a new precautionary measure of house arrest issued by the investigating judge. For the woman the accusation is of false ideology and embezzlement: this time, however, Camarda would have acted not for money but because she was firmly opposed to vaccines.

For the episodes in the vaccination hub of Palermo, in addition to the woman, the leader of the Sicilian no vax, Filippo Accept, a Palermo merchant, Giuseppe Tomasino, and another nurse from the Civic hospital serving at the Hub have been investigated in recent months. , Anna Maria Lo Brano. The disputed charges are corruption, embezzlement and forgery. Anna Maria Lo Brano admitted that she acted for money saying that she would have to pay for the studies of her son.


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