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You will be able to get a Drake (or a Dragon) in the World of Wacraft Dragonflight expansion. Get ready to customize and personalize it!

It’s official: the new World of Warcraft expansion is called Dragonflight. If you would like more information about theWoW Dragonflight expansion, do not hesitate to consult our summary article. Here we’re going to talk about what Blizzard referred to as “stealing dragons.” This is a brand new feature that will allow players to have a Drake and customize it to (almost) infinity.

No Drake will be identical since Blizzard explains that there are millions of combinations available. Basically, there are four different drakes: a dark brown, a light brown, a green, and a red.

What are Mounted Drakes for in WoW Dragonflight?

As you have read, it will be a mount that you can evolve as you progress in World of Warcraft. There are four models to be found below.





Blizzard explains several things about this new feature:

  • Use your new riding skills to ride a drake, but beware, as the inhabitants of the Dragon Isles will not hesitate to unseat inexperienced riders.
  • As you progress, you and your drake will learn new maneuvers. Fight exhaustion and gravity to fly over the Dragon Islands.
  • Continue to level up your Dragonflight proficiency to max level by researching ancient glyphs and progressing through a new skill tree.
  • Once the maximum level is reached, you can complete additional challenges scattered throughout the Dragon Islands to unlock even more customization options for your drakes.

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