Drake increases the streams of artists who invite him to feature

If there is one bankable artist these days, it’s probably Drake. In fact, an American study conducted by HipHopNumbers covering the years 2019 to 2022 showed that the presence of the Canadian in feat on a piece allows the artist who invites him to see the streams of this title increase by 2783% compared to his usual statistics. If the study covers several artists, you will find that Drizzy is clearly the one whose influence is the most important since J. Cole, second in the ranking, only made streams jump by 543%, which is still a nasty progression.

The rest of the classification breaks down as follows:

3- Kendrick Lamar +449%

4- Lil Baby +415%

5- Kanye West +260%

6- Eminem +260%

Then come Nicki Minaj, Andre 3000 and Jay-Z.

You have to believe that Drake likes to share or that the artists have understood that there was a vein to dig by inviting him because he is undoubtedly one of the rappers to do the most featurings for years. HipHopNumbers notably established that the feat of Drake which was beneficial to the one who invited him, it is the title “Over the Top” of Smiley, which can be found on the album “Buy or Bye 2” . This single had 24,776.9% more streams than the rest of the project… Drakeo The Ruler who invited Drizzy on the track “Talk to Me” recorded an increase of 6,069.2% more than his figures usual.

Even though HipHopNumbers states that “When the title is classified as co-created by the two artists, it also appears on the Spotify page of the artist in feat” without it being specified that it is a collaboration and that inevitably has an impact on the piece. When you read on the platform “new drake sound”, you click, of course… “It’s an amazing way to guide more people to listen to the song” recognize the authors of the survey. But even with the usual precautions, one can still be greatly impressed by Drake’s power and aura. It is probably not for nothing that he is so often invited…

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