Drew Barrymore in love with Leonardo DiCaprio!

Everyone has a crush and so do celebrities. It seems that the drew Barrymore He is a man that many people sigh for… and with whom she herself has appeared in a movie. Even Brad Pitt has joked with him about his “courtship”! We talk about Leonardo Dicaprioactor of numerous blockbusters, such as once upon a time in hollywood. The two met during the filming of a 90s movie and now Drew Barrymore pulls the newspaper library to throw a hint at his colleague.

“Oh hey Leo! I didn’t know you were watching me! I’ve loved you ever since we met as teenagers on the set of Poison Ivy! Lately in life I keep thinking of the ‘leave it better than you found it’ credo, which could be the perfect summary of you! We are all better for having you in the world! And on this planet,” writes Drew Barrymore on Instagram.

The photo, yes, is not recent at all. It is an image that was taken in 2010 during the Golden Globes. In it you can see the actor from the revenant look and smile in the direction of Drew Barrymore.

Even if it seems like a bombshell (and it is) It is not the first time that the actress makes a comment of this type to the actor. A few years ago, Barrymore had already sought a flirtation with Leo by posting a comment on his networks. Dicaprio posted an image with climate change forecasts and she said something like the only thing that should be hot is the actor and not the planet.

Drew Barrymore and Leonardo DiCaprio at the 2010 Golden Globes GTRES GTRES/National Photo Group

More than just flirting?

The truth is that beyond the digital contact, both have worked together in several films and it seems that Drew has a friendly relationship with the actor and that he loves him very much, although this declaration of love is in the key of comedy, it does not detract from it . What we don’t know is if Leo will comment on the post, but hopefully so. And, who knows, maybe something will come of this joke. Never rule out these kinds of things in life.

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