Drew Barrymore reveals that his mother let him drink alcohol and smoke marijuana at the age of nine

Drew Barrymore credit: Bang Showbiz

Drew Barrymore credit: Bang Showbiz

It is no secret to anyone that the Hollywood star, Drew Barrymore, had a difficult childhood while developing her career as an actress and was addicted to illicit substances and alcohol.

Now, the protagonist of ‘Charlie’s Angels’ has spoken again about how decadent her childhood was without limits or the attention of her parents.

Speaking to her friend Rob Lowe of St Elmo’s Fire, on his new ‘Drew’s News’ podcast, the actress revealed that drugs and alcohol were allowed in her home, but sugar was not, so she had to eat on the sly when her mother did not see her.

The presenter began her artistic career from a very young age when she starred in the tapes ‘Firestarter’ and ‘ET’, for which she had to maintain a low weight.

In 1989, Drew, then 14 years old, recounted to People magazine what it was like when he first drank alcohol when he was 9 years old, how he had smoked marijuana at 10 and started using cocaine at 12. years. At 13, he had already undergone two treatments to rehabilitate his drug addiction.

“My mom wouldn’t let me eat sugar. Studio 54 and weed and booze were fine, but they wouldn’t let me touch sugar. And I did, I would sneak chocolate in the closet. All the other habits were out in the open, but sugar was something that was in the closet,” he explained.

Previously, the actress opened up even more to Howard Stern about her past, telling him how difficult it was after becoming a model at age two and a movie star in the 1982 box office hit “ET” to the seven.

The actress told the presenter that her own mother, Jaid Barrymore, admitted her to a psychiatric hospital when she was only 13 years old.

The visit was not short either. Drew had to stay for 18 months. “I used to laugh at those 30-day places like Malibu, which was pretty much the opposite of the experience I had. I spent a year and a half at a place called Van Eyes Psychiatric. And you couldn’t hang around and if you did, you’d they put you in a padded room or they put you on stretchers and tied you up.

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