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One of the most exciting – and why not, funny – cinematic controversies of recent years is certainly the one relating to the feud between Dwayne Johnson And Vin Diesel arisen during the processing of Fast & Furious 8. A diatribe, the one between the two, which initially everyone, from the press to fans, had taken as the classic promotional stunt to add a little spice around the blockbuster and make people talk about it even more than they already did.

But then, over time, with the various remote pricks, it became clearer that, between the two, a marketing operation planned at the table was not in progress: quite simply, the historical face of the Universal saga, Vin Diesel, and the superstar Dwayne Johnson they were not compatible characters.

Last June, during the press promotion of Fast 9, Vin Diesel had had the opportunity to illustrate his point of view on the climate of tension on the set of the eighth film by explaining that he was not convinced of the acting test of the colleague:

It was a difficult character to shape, that of Hobbs. At the time my idea was to use hard manners for a good purpose to get his interpretation exactly where it needed to be.

As a producer I felt compelled to take Dwayne Johnson, associated with the world of wrestling, and immerse him in the world of cinema, without giving the impression to the public that he already knew his character.

Hobbs hits you like a brick wall, I’m very proud of the result, but it took a lot of work. We had to get to that goal and sometimes hard ways were needed. Not in the Fellinian sense, but I would do anything to get the interpretations I want in everything I produce.

These words were commented by Dwayne Johnson during the Jungle Cruise press promotion:

I laughed, I laughed heartily, I think it made everyone laugh and that’s all I say. I wish them well, both with Fast 9 that with Fast 10 And Fast 11 and the rest of the Fast & Furious that will run without me.

Emily Blunt, colleague of the actor in Jungle Cruise, was present at the time of the interview and intervened to add: “Thank heaven he was there with you”Referring to Diesel. “Thank goodness he managed to get you through those obstacles“.

Fellini”The final comment of The Rock.

In a new chat with Vanity Fair, Johnson returned to discuss this topic pointing out that the feud is now closed, but also indicating precise differences in nature. “Philosophical” existing between him and the colleague.

I wanted to give up the drama. I thought it was the best thing to do. For everyone.

The actor explains that in his famous Instagram post posted – and quickly deleted – at the time of the making of Fast & Furious 8 in which he gave del “Softened” to a well-known colleague (HERE ARE ALL THE DETAILS) it was not, in retrospect, a good idea, but he firmly reiterates that with what he had posted he meant exactly what we all got to read:

There was a meeting after that. A meeting that I would not properly define as peaceful. Let’s say it was a meeting designed to clarify. He and I had a good chat in my trailer and that was the context that allowed us to understand that we were on the diametrically opposite sides of the spectrum. And that it was better to close it there.

Explaining his philosophy on set, Dwayne Johnson suggests that friction was born for this very reason:

It is a question of daily working philosophy. Treat everyone as partners who are on the same level as you. Including the studio that finances you. Treat the crew – regardless of your position or agenda or who knows what else, like your peers – with respect, humility, giving due importance to the whole process and to the work of every other human being who, working hard as much as you do at a movie and sweating, maybe, even more, makes it possible [il fare un film, ndr.]. Then for me it has always been very important to stay with my back straight and look in the eyes of those in front of me. And if you say you do something, in the end you have to do it.

Then, commenting on that adjective, “Fellini”, dedicated to the words of Vin Diesel during the promotion of Jungle Cruise, The Rock goes on to say:

I have some experience. Contrary to him, I don’t come from the world of theater. As you may know, I have a different background and have been raised differently. I come from an environment and a culture that are profoundly different from yours. I give my all sex in every project I work on. If I feel that there are things that need to be fixed, managed and taken care of, I do. It seems simple to me. So when I read his words, I had a laugh, a big laugh, like everyone else. We all laughed. I am sure that, somewhere, Fellini is also laughing.

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