€ 1000 bonus for sick leave. Here’s how to ask

This is a very interesting one-off bonus to be requested under the Cura Italia decree.

In this era dominated by Covid, work has been definitely put to the test and for many there have been situations of forced stop and illness. Work has been affected in many ways by this terrible pandemic and for those who are more fragile, the problems obviously increase. There are countless jobs lost and families ended up in conditions of economic fragility in this terrible situation. But the periods of illness have made everything more complex. This can be a problem for both the company and the employee. This is why this one-off bonus was born for those fragile workers who have had more than a month off work. This one-off bonus is focused on private workers who have found themselves unable to take advantage of smart working. But the motivation for this one-off payment is also of an accounting nature, so to speak.

Here’s how it works

This bonus arises because many of them have reached the maximum compensation due to illness and would risk being discovered for these periods. Therefore, for these private sector workers who are in conditions of fragility, the 2022 budget law has intervened in a very incisive way. Among other things, these € 1000 recognized do not affect the formation of income. The INPS will pay the amount. But let’s see the figure concretely made available by the Government. The budget made available is 5 million euros for this 2022. Fragile workers have a real right to smart working but this right ends on February 28, 2022.

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In short, an important bonus that can go to refresh all those who have found themselves in the conditions seen above due to Covid.

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But we will see later how the legislation on smart working and disability will evolve.

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