“Economic oxygen”, immigration control and security

He revealed his roadmap based on purchasing power and insecurity in case he wins the assembly elections on July 30 and 7

Jordan BerdellaPresident of RegrupaMiento Nacional, far-right party Marine Le Pen and winner of the last European elections, presented this Monday the program through which he wants to reassure the French and, if the elections on July 7 favor him, become Prime Minister of France. Under a sign that says “The choice begins” and for an hour and a half, Bardella listed the measures of his roadmap, which has already been revealed, and which revolve around three axes: the recovery of purchasing power, “giving economic oxygen to the French”, immigration control and the “return of order and security” in the streets and schools.

Bordella has said his option is “the only credible, responsible option capable of redirecting the country”. Emmanuel MacronIn the center, and the left-wing bloc (united in these elections under the acronym New Popular Front) led by La Francia Insumisa, a far-left party Jean Luc Mélenchon. Bordella has said that the RN is “the only option capable of preventing Mélenchon’s radical left from coming to power.”

Bardella, together with Marine Le Pen. Christophe Ena

France has entered the final phase of its campaign The legislative elections will take place this Sunday, June 30 and July 7. 577 deputies have been elected and 289 are needed for an absolute majority, French President Emmanuel Macron decided to call an early election after the far right won European elections on June 9. Bardella has said he would accept becoming prime minister only if he won an absolute majority. Macron has not had this in the assembly since the 2022 legislative elections, when he lost it.

A two-step plan

Le Pen’s far-right has never been so close to coming to power. Bardella has said that, if he succeeds, his plan will be developed in two phases: “managing emergencies” and then reform. In the foreground, it wants to “give oxygen to the French” in the face of “the deterioration of the country’s budgetary situation and the skyrocketing deficit”. Pension reform will be suspended Approved by Macron a year and a half ago, highly criticized and which raised the retirement age. It will be 62 again and 60 for the most difficult jobs.

Proposition A Repeal of the European energy pricing ruleso that there is a “French price”, although “it is not about questioning the European market.” “Lowering rates, repealing the European rule will allow us to give oxygen to our compatriots.” he added. The pocketbook is the issue that worries the French the most when it comes to voting.

Bardella’s other main axis is the “establishment of order and the return of security”. As concrete measures, it proposes minimum penalties without the excuse of minority, the suspension of aid to parents of repeat offender children. Faced with situations of violence observed in schools (assaults on students and threats to teachers), he proposes a “big bang of authority” in the centers from the month of September, which would include Uniforms and mobile phones banned at all centres,

There will be special centres for “disruptive” students and suspension of family support for them. The current government has already proposed similar measures in this regard.

immigration control

Another priority is immigration and border control, which is “an essential necessity. It is not an issue that divides the French, but unites them.” It proposes to abolish the “right to land”, which allows people to automatically obtain nationality if they have a French parent. He proposes Immediate expulsion of foreigners who have committed crimes and raise the minimum income required to achieve family reunification.

“I am the only candidate capable of redirecting immigration,” compared to the left, which proposes “massively accelerating immigration.” “This will lead to the saturation of our public services and increase Islamism,” Bardella said.

In foreign policy (an area that is normally the responsibility of the President of the Republic) he has said that he will talk “with the rest of the heads of government” of European countries, saying that he “respects the Franco-German alliance”, although he has clarified that there are things that differentiate him from the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz: “I am going to defend my interests, those of France, in the European construction.”

War in Ukraine

Regarding France’s involvement in the war in Ukraine and its support for Kiev, the red line is sending troops to the country, but France’s “commitments” already in place will not be questioned. Aid will continue to be sent, but not military material “that would allow attacking Russian cities, because that would lead to escalation.”

Russia, he said, “is a multidimensional threat, it puts French interests in question”, as “seen in Africa (…) I would be very cautious about attempts to speculate.” In this sense, he has said that there will be strategic and sensitive positions that will be reserved only for the French, not for binationals.

“It is not questioning dual nationality, but can you imagine a Franco-Russian working in defense? (…) There are sensitive strategic positions linked to security and defense, which should be reserved for the French.” He added that these binational people “are a minority.”

Le Pen’s far right has never been so close to coming to power in France. Polls show him with a majority, though not an absolute majority (35% support). In recent years he has greatly moderated his speech, to the extent that he has managed to attract support in these elections from the Republicans, a traditional right-wing party for which joining Le Pen was a red line.

Bardella has stated that he would only accept to become Prime Minister if he manages to win a majority, and has made it clear that, if he is named Prime Minister There will be no “Macron’s ally”. In a letter addressed to the French yesterday, he has said that he is not going to resign. Presidential elections are in 2027. If Le Pen’s party achieves its objectives, France will find itself in a situation of cohabitation: when the prime minister is of a different political color than the president of the republic.


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