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The Firm Group has had three consecutive very successful concerts at the Foro Sol and a series of concerts that have sold out regardless of the city, so it is understood that its musicians, mainly Eduin Cazare of the celebrities of the moment Mexicoobtaining a fame that they must learn to handle.

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As much as all the members have too tight a schedule, the lead singer of the group took a few days with his family to take vacations, without imagining that everything would get out of control thanks to that fame that he has been adopting throughout the last years.

Through the singer’s social networks we have witnessed the uncomfortable moment he has had to live Eduin Caz with his entire family, which has been enough to make the drastic decision to cancel the vacation this time.

The Mexican singer could not enjoy his family vacation (Photo: Eduin Caz / Instagram)
The Mexican singer could not enjoy his family vacation (Photo: Eduin Caz / Instagram)


True to his style, the vocalist of Firm Group He wanted to spend a few days with his family and packed his bags for the beaches of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo in Warrior. However, something happened that was not planned by any of the travelers.

Due to his music, Caz has gained a lot of fame and a large number of fans throughout the Aztec country, so in that town of Guerrero he was no exception.

And it is that hundreds of his fans recognized him on the street and did everything to be close to his idol and take a picture or ask for autographs that they will remember for a lifetime. What’s more, many people also waited outside the hotel just to see the singer.

As much as all this could be considered uncomfortable, the artist did not show his annoyance and tried to attend to most of his fans who were in that place.

However, the whole situation caused the Mexican artist and his family to cancel their trip.

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Through his networks, Eduin Caz regretted everything that happened because he really wanted to enjoy a family moment with his family and said that he would leave the place.

“Here we are family, packing suitcases because the people here knew where we are. We are in Zihuatanejo, I recommend them to rest. There are already several groups of people that I attend with photos, but it is not possible. Right now I think there are about a hundred people out there, so we have to leave. We missed this vacation. God bless you”commented.


During a press conference offered by Grupo Firme to comment on their presentations at Foro Sol, the son of Culiacán, Sinaloa, was encouraged to reveal when he was very close to being part of El Recodo.

“There is a story that you don’t know, maybe you do, but I’m going to tell you right now. Many years ago I remember a friend of mine, he told me: ‘You know what, El Recodo is looking for a vocalist, I have the door open for you to send the video’ and there he shouted at me ”he pointed.

It was there that Caz began practicing with some songs to join the auditions, recording three songs and sending them by video, but without success.

“I am very excited. I remember that a cousin of mine, Sergio, had a little red camera. It was the best there was, well, I didn’t even have a cell phone back then. There you see me singing the song, they asked me for three songs, and I sang them; I sent them excited and I didn’t stay”, Indian.

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