Edwin Rodríguez ends his nightmare in Greece and returns to Olimpia

Thessaloniki, Greece.

To play abroad, you must be a footballer who shows a better difference than local players. And so was the story of Edwin Rodríguez, a Honduran midfielder who could not fulfill his dream of playing in Europe and in five months, his adventure with Aris Salónica in Greece ended and he returned to Olimpia.

The skilful midfielder from Catracho was one of the best in the local tournament and in the Concacaf League with the meringues, which made him leave for the Greek team in September where his compatriot is shining louis palm.

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But fate had a nightmare for the player born in Quimistán, Santa Bárbara, since he does not play for Aris Salónica.

Months passed and the player still did not appear; he has hardly been uniformed but has not been considered by the club’s coach, the Englishman, Alan Pardew.

A source close to the player confessed to DIARIO LA PRENSA that Rodríguez has felt that he is not being useful in the Greek team and that is why he has made the decision to return to Troglio’s arms.

Since his arrival in Greece in mid-September, Edwin barely played one game and it was in the Cup tournament against Levadiakos, then he was about to enter Cup and League duels, but he stayed warming up.

It is not the first time that a Catracho footballer fails in his dream of being a legionnaire. At the time, Milton ‘Tyson’ Núñez went to Sunderland in England and was barely in two games and came back.

Similarly, Juan Carlos García had to return without playing Tenerife in the second division of Spain in 2013. It also happened with Darixon Vuelto who was not being considered in Tenerife.

Edwin Rodríguez lived the same experience as his compatriot Jorge ‘El Toro’ Benguché who went to Portugal and was barely considered but having no chance his contract was not renewed. He returned to Olimpia and is now considered by Pedro Troglio at the level that declared him non-transferable.

With the return of Rodríguez, León strengthened and became the favorite to win the title. It is also reinforced more thinking about the Concacaf Champions League.

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