Eintracht assures that Barcelona is not to blame for the invasion of German fans

The massive presence of fans of the Frankfurt ‘Eagles’ in Barcelona surprised the planet

axel helmannspokesman for the board of Eintracht Frankfurt, assured that Barcelona is not to blame for the massive presence, close to 30,000, of fans of his team at the Camp Nou.

“It was a big surprise for me that 25,000 fans entered the stadium, even though officially we only received 5,000 tickets. And I want to say it again in no uncertain terms because there were also some negative voices in Barcelona about how that can be. FC Barcelona is not to blame at all. here,” he told the German club’s media.

“Our fans got tickets in every way imaginable, you as a club can’t control that. Our fans are the most creative when it comes to getting tickets in any way they can. That was and always will be.”

Helmann He was convinced that his fans will respond in the same way when they visit West Ham in the semi-finals. He believes the price of flights to London will have risen, but still assured that they know “how to approach things logistically. There are many ways to get to the island”.


the serbian Philip Kosticauthor of two of the three goals with which Eintracht Frankfurt qualified, assured that “what happened at the Camp Nou” will “always” remain in his heart.

“It was the best game of my career. I am very happy and proud of the team, the club and the fans. With these fans we feel that it was a home game. It is simply incredible and a great story for us, the victory goes to the whole city,” he said in statements to the Eintracht media.

Kostic He assured that the moment in which he scored the third goal and knelt in front of most of the German team’s fans was “the best feeling” of his career, and despite his happiness he assured that they had not yet finished the work in the Europe League “Our goal is the final,” he said.

The Balkan assured that the semifinal against English West Ham is going to be tough. The German team, which this morning bathed on the beach in Barcelona itself, has an outstanding debt in London.

Three years ago he fell in the English capital in the semifinals against Chelsea in the penalty shootout after finishing the two games tied at one point.

“We have a real chance to get to Seville. In England we have to do something good (this time in the first leg). We were better than the Chelsea in those semifinals and we were eliminated in a strange way. We have the final in England again”, commented the president of Eintracht, Peter Fisher.

The president assured that the large number of supporters who gathered at the Camp Nou came from many parts of Europe and even from Morocco and that with the many he was able to speak to during the day they told him stories that would fill a book. “The German language has no words for what happened,” he said.

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