Eiza González got tired of being associated with Hollywood men: “Stop inventing”

Eiza González enjoyed a dream vacation in Italy a few days ago and his photos were surprising because, although it was a trip with friends, those taken next to the producer Mohammed Al Turki.

Rumors ignited and pointed to a possible romance between them. In addition, in previous days, the Mexican had ridden in Malibu, California, on Jason Momoa’s Harley-Davidson, in an appearance that many took as confirmation that the two were in a relationship, something complicated just because of their busy schedules. After her constant speculation made her a trend, the actress launched a forceful message through her Twitter account.

And it is that due to his public appearancesthe Mexican has been related to several personalities within the American show business, like the aforementioned Momoa, Timothée Chalamet, Liam Hemsworth or Calvin Harris. However, contrary to other occasions, this time he wanted to deny any love relationship with the producer.

Mo Al Turki is one of my best friends. As usual, please stop making up and trying to relate to any man who is close to me. Women can have friends and friends, not every person with whom one lives is a relationship. Thank you,” she wrote on Twitter.

Eiza González asked that she not be romantically related to all the men with whom she is captured
Eiza González asked that she not be romantically related to all the men with whom she is captured

He also took the opportunity to send greetings to his followers, since this is not a platform that he uses constantly. “I know that I almost never write here, but I always read them. I send you lots of kisses and I hope you are having a good weekend.”

Eiza González asked that she not be romantically related to all the men with whom she is captured
Eiza González asked that she not be romantically related to all the men with whom she is captured@eizamusica

In response to the initial message, fans of the actress from BabyDriver they applauded his publication and defended the friendship between women and men.

The European paparazzi had a new target, the protagonist of the new film of Barbie, Margot Robbie, who was captured while resting in Ibiza with other actors, including Eiza.

Robbie traveled with her husband, Tom Ackerly, and in several images you can see how they enjoyed the ocean aboard a luxurious yacht. The Australian was also accompanied by the Oscar winner for best actor, Rami Malek and Sienna Miler, who took the opportunity to celebrate the birthday of the model Cara Delevigne.

Eiza González with Margot Robbie in Spain
Eiza González with Margot Robbie in SpainTwitter

Eiza’s relationship with so many personalities within Hollywood entertainment is not a strange event. In recent years, he has remained unstoppable and his career has continued to grow. His entry into the top 10 of the highest grossing actors of 2021 was recently knowna list that also featured Margot herself, Samuel L. Jackson and Liam Nesson.

The ranking is for actors who had a leading role and box office in 2021 and the previous two years. In the case of the also soap opera actress, since 2019 she has appeared in Godzilla vs. Kong, Love Spreads, I care a lot, Bloodshot, Cut Throat City, Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw, Ella She Ella ‘s Missing, Battle Angel: The Last Warrior Y Paradise Hills.

“I remember how I felt hearing over and over again that a woman (insert my ethnicity or any stereotype related to me) was not a leading lady and people didn’t care and she still doesn’t have a chance. And I keep going. Feeling deflated, but trying hard to believe in myself when a lot of people didn’t. Well, people cared. This is the work of the people. It may not be huge for some. For me, it’s a moment I never thought I’d see. For my people, the Mexicans, the Latinos who always believe. Because other people care about us and I care about you. I feel very proud of this excuse me in advance because i know this is a bit cheesy, but I wanted to share it and thank you. Thanks my people. Yes you can, ”Eiza wrote on her Instagram account to celebrate his triumph.

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