El Tri is not whimsy for another World CupHalftime

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The Mexican team seems to be the object of a “political campaign”. On one side is michael herrera candidate to return to the bench that he left in 2015 after the altercation with Christian Martinoli, while Guillermo Ochoa publicly says that wants his sixth World Cup with El Tribut the goalkeeper’s wishes do not seem to please the Louse at all.

The one who was the helmsman of the national team in Brazil 2014, giving Ochoa the opportunity to save his first World Cup after having been in the two previous ones as a substitute, assured that “El Tri is not for whims”although he acknowledges that there are not as many goalkeeper options as in the past.

“He is at a moment (Ochoa) where he wants to continue raising his hand, we have to see how he arrives because take a player to comply, to do his whim, it is not worth it either because there are others who are fighting,” said the former coach of América and Tigres for TUDN.

It is a difficult position in Mexico because now there are not as many as beforetoday raise your hand very firmly Carlos Acevedothe decision of (Luis) Malagón to go to America, but I think there are possibilities, although very few”, he sentenced.

Who can be the new captain of Mexico?

The retirement of Andrés Guardado from the Mexican National Team and the position expressed on Guillermo Ochoa would leave the questioning to Piojo Herrera -in case of being elected- on who should be the next captain of the Tricolor and already has a name in mind.

Edson (Álvarez) has a lot of personalityHe is a guy who has always had the idea of ​​sticking out his chest, that he pushes, that he drags; he can always talk he has that ability to be a leader without a doubt,” he said.

“You will have to see everyone at work, the context, see personalities and decide: the teams do not have a captain, they have two or three, and sometimes the one with the most presence is not the ideal one. These are things that the coach has to see constantly, but without a doubt the one who projects the most is Edson and he can take that post“.

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