Elden Ring finals: how to see all in the same game

Elden Ring has three different endings and each one has a trophy or achievement, so if you want to get 100% you’ll have to beat the game three times… No, it’s not necessary, since you can see all three endings in the same game.

Lord of the Circle, Age of Stars, and Lord of the Frenzied Flame are the three main endings. and to get their respective achievements we will have to resort to the saved ones and the copies. How? Here we tell you, but not before leaving you with the requirements to see all the endings in Elden Ring.


Elden Ring Analysis

How to watch all Elden Ring endings in a single match

In your game you must follow all the steps to see the second ending “Age of stars”since it is the most complicated to obtain.

At the end of the game, at the Forge of Giants Place of Grace, talk to Melina and she will set the tree on fire. He continues the story and defeats the final boss to sit in the “Fractured Marika” Grace Place. This is where you have to make a backup of your save file. How?

PS4/PS5 Save Backup:

  1. Go to Console Settings > Save Data Management > Save Data > Console Storage > Upload the save file to PS+ Cloud [PS5/PS4] or USB.
  2. If you have the PS+ file you must have auto-save sync disabled because otherwise your cloud save will be automatically overwritten (PS5 Settings> Saved Data and Game/App Settings> PS5 Saved Data> Sync Saved Data> Auto- Sync Saved Data and Disabled).
  3. To copy it back after finishing once you need to follow this path: Console Settings > Save Data Management > Save Data > Cloud Storage/USB Drive > Copy to Console > Overwrite Console Save Data.

PC Save Backup on Steam:

  • On PC go to the folder C:\ Users\ [username]\ AppData\ Roaming\ EldenRing, and also backup the other Steam folder to be safe: C:\ Program Files (x86)\ Steam\ userdata.
  • Copy and paste them into another folder where you can find them later, and finally, to restore the save, paste them and overwrite the files.

Xbox One/Xbox Series Save Backup:

  • The first thing to do is disconnect from the Internet, wait a few seconds and reconnect to force saving to the cloud.
  • Then do an end without leaving the game and when you finish you must press the Start button – Elden Ring – Options> Manage game> Saved data> Gamertag> Delete Saved data> Delete from the console> Restart the game> The game should take the previous cloud save before the end you missed.
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Elden Ring It is available now on PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Don’t miss our analysis of this monstrous game. If you need more help with Elden Ring, we tell you the 11 things you should know before you start playing.

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