Elden Ring performs irregularly on PS5, Xbox Series and PC, according to this technical analysis

It has already been more than proven that Elden Ring is one of the most amazing games of recent years, enough to have received some of the best reviews in memory. The virtues of the new FromSoftware have been made clear and it seems undeniable that Hidetaka Miyazaki has recreated one of those video game masterpieces whose legacy endures and impacts the sector, but How does it work technically?

Yesterday we could already see the occasional graphic and performance comparison of its console versions, but now we can delve deeper into that facet thanks to the technical analysis made by Digital Foundry, specialists in this type of reviews. As explained in an article published today, Elden Ring offers a somewhat spotty performance in its versions of PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC, even after having installed its patch 1.02.

problems with the frame rate on all platforms

Digital Foundry puts the focus first on frame rate of the console version, which they explain does not reach 60 fps in its performance mode on any of the new generation platforms. The PS5 and Xbox Series X/S version seems to have a variable rate of 45-60 fps when we play in performance mode, going down to 30-60 fps if we choose its quality mode: here the analysis highlights that in this second graphic mode it does not there is a limit of frames per second, resulting in a highly variable experience.

While we wait for the studio to solve this irregular performance on consoles, if it ends up doing it, from Digital Foundry they give us some recommendations for a smoother experience: on Xbox Series X/S we can take advantage of its support for variable refresh rate (VRRfor its acronym in English), which smoothes the changes of frame rate as long as we have a compatible monitor; instead, since PS5 does not have this technology, Digital Foundry proposes run ps4 version to get a much more stable 60 fps, although in return we have to play at a lower resolution (1800p reconstructed).

AND, what about the PC version? According to this technical analysis, the performance of Elden Ring in computers also presents certain irregularities, such as stuttering when new enemies, effects or areas appear and drops from frame rate when new zones are loaded, even going as far as from 60 to 40 images per second. Digital Foundry also notes that the PC version lacks certain graphical options, such as support for ultra-wide monitors or the ability to play without fps caps, but they hope that FromSoftware will end up implementing them in the same way that they did. they trust that new patches will solve the bugs mentioned in the technical analysis.

Elden Ring arriving tomorrow, February 25, on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One and PC. can you read our analysis here

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