Elisabeth Moss reflects violence against women in Las Luminosas

Nearing her 40th birthday, the actress heads Las luminares (Shining Girls), a series in which, in addition to producing and directing, she plays a woman attacked by a femicide.


Although her career dates back to the early 1990s, where she was seen as the teenager with a burned face in Innocence, Interrupted, her big project came fifteen years ago in the series Mad Men. The name of Elizabeth Moss has become a benchmark in the industry not only for her work as a performer, but also as a producer and director, since she has left her mark on The Handmaid’s Taleas well as in The Shining Girlsher new project in which she plays a journalist who survived a femicide.

“I have tried not to plan my career and think that at thirty I should do one thing and certain things at 40 (which is due in July). I have never thought like that and I think that has been good for me since things happen without planning them. For now I feel very lucky to be able to do what I love the most, which is acting, directing and producing.

The love of my life it’s telling stories and that’s the most important thing for me.

I have been able to do this every day of my life, I have been able to make a career, I have been able to make a living from it. So when I see my life at 39 years old, I can only say that I am lucky to be able to do what I love, which is something that not everyone can say, “he said. Elizabeth Moss a Excelsior.

The Californian actress, winner of two Emmy in 2017, one of them to Best actress for The Handmaid’s Taleis back in the acting arena with the luminousseries of AApple TV+.

Based on the novel Shining Girls of the South African Lauren Beukesthe series allowed Elizabeth Moss play a woman who suffers from a traumatic mental disorder, where it seems that she mixes what is real with what is not, after having suffered an attack by a serial killer, played by Jamie Bell.

“We approach violence (towards women) in a very conscious way. Both producers, directors and writers, we had conversations in which we agreed that it was very important to make sure that we were going to represent it in an honest way, without a doubt we are representing it honestly, without making it the center of attention. I have no problem showing violence when it’s done in the right way and when the story needs it, because sometimes you have to show certain things that are hard to watch, but it all depends on the story being told and on In this case, our story is not about that, but about a woman who is trying to stop her aggressor and find her own reality,” she stressed. Moss in virtual chat with international media.

In the luminous, Elizabeth Moss gives life to Kirby Mazrachia journalist who, by doing work chemistry and telling her story to her colleague Dan Vazquez as Wagner Mouracarries out an investigation related to other women who were attacked and killed in a similar way to what she experienced six years ago.

For Mosswho recently learned that he was going to be part of the power of the dogbut had to decline the offer due to previous commitments, there was a delight in being the protagonist and directing some chapters of the luminouswhose creative team is dominated by women.

“I think that the most difficult thing was the commitment that is made with time, because being a director and producer, you have to be involved long before, from the moment the project is conceived, until post-production is finished, getting involved in different areas. The most gratifying thing is that by being so involved in the project you have a deeper understanding of everything, you can see the different perspectives of the characters, you have the answers that actors often seek about their roles and you learn more about the scenes that are they are going to do”, shared the actress, who is part of the scientology.

Regarding the evolution that women have had in recent years in the industry of Hollywood, Lizzieas her close friends call her, commented that this has been significant.

“I have been a witness and part of that change in the last 20 or 25 years.

I remember when people were surprised that there were three female lead shows on TV. when it came out Mad Men At first it was thought to be a men’s show, but then people questioned if it wasn’t a women’s show anymore, so I’ve been a witness and part of that fantastic change. I feel lucky that I entered this business at the time that everything began to change and when the stories began to be told by women. So I am fortunate to be able to follow in the footsteps of other women who promoted their presence in the industry”, reflected the daughter of musicians from jazz and blues.

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