Emilia Clarke Confirms Jon Snow Series

In the absence of the official announcement by HBO Max, the confirmation of the sequel to Game of Thrones starring Jon Snow It has come through the mouth of his aunt and great love, Daenerys Targaryen. She has been Emilia Clarke who has said that the project is underway and who has also revealed that Kit Harington’s involvement in the new series also extends behind the scenes.

He told me about it and I know it exists. It’s happening” Clarke stated in an interview with the BBC in which he also pointed out that, in addition to being the protagonist of the fiction, the actor is also involved in its creative process. “It was created by Kit and, as far as I know, he is involved from the ground up. What you are going to see, if it goes ahead, has the seal of Kit Harington,” says the actress who gave life to the Khaleesi.

As for his possible participation in this project, either through flashbacks or following the unique fan theories that point to the resurrection of Daenerys -who was killed by Snow himself after perpetrating a massacre in King’s Landing- Clarke completely ruled out his return to Westeros.

No, I think I’m done“Says the actress who confessed that she is also waiting for the premiere of The House of the Dragon, the prequel that will recount the golden years of the Targaryens, the ancestors of her characters, when they ruled the Seven Kingdoms with their dragons. “I am going to see her as a viewer more because it’s a lot of years before our series, so it’s going to be something very different,” she concluded.

In addition to The House of the Dragon and the Jon Snow series, HBO is preparing other projects based on the fantasy universe created by George RR Martin.


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