Emilio Lara shows his low self-criticism with a controversial response for his bad game

Monday, January 16, 2023

emilio lara He is one of the players who had been requested by the fans and the fact is that the need to have a right back was essential. It is worth mentioning that during the previous tournament he was key in the title, but after his injury in the preseason, Miguel Layun He had replaced him on the first date, for which the followers asked for his return.

However, he left a lot to be desired in the first game, where he had some mistakes that almost cost the team the score. Given this, several of the fans began to point out these flaws, especially when he was about to score an own goal, hoping that he was aware of it and had the opportunity to improve it.

Was Emilio Lara sinful of arrogance?

What happened is that the footballer shared a story on his social networks where he was tagged, which did precisely the opposite, praising the work without putting his feet on the ground about things that were not going the best way. That is why many began to comment on the lack of self-criticism.

It was even compared to Roger Martinez, whom they have pointed out as an arrogant player with little humility. So far, Lara has not spoken about it and that makes his audience think, who have thought that raising him and giving him such an important role in the team has not benefited him.

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