Rumors about a sentimental relationship between Aitana Ocaña and Sebastián Yatra are increasing at times, and it is that despite the fact that the singer has not yet made statements about her possible break with Miguel Bernardeau, she has decided not to hide anymore and publish some photographs together to the Colombian

In this publication that the little girl has made on Instagram, we have been able to see how both have enjoyed the New Year’s Eve in London with a group of friends. Among them is the singer Lola Índigo, who shared the academy with the triumph in 2017.

It seems that both are enjoying a few days of disconnection away from the media spotlight. Since Aitana’s break with the actor became known, everyone is relating the two singers, who despite being friends for years, the complicity they have shown over the years has led to these speculations.

Immersed in moving to her new home, the singer has made time in her busy schedule to be able to enjoy Christmas with Sebastián and his group of friends. With these publications, the singer boasts of the good vibes that exist between them without wanting to go into details of what her relationship with the Colombian is like.

And it is that they no longer hide and take the opportunity to spend as much time as possible together. For his part, the singer confirmed just a few days ago that there was simply a great friendship between them, so it seems that we will continue to see them share a lot of time together.

Aitana confesses what was her worst moment in OT

Aitana was one of the members of the last successful batch of de “Triumph operation”. It was in the 2017 edition, in which a format that had worked so well at the beginning of this century was recovered.

The participants in that edition were Mimi, José Antonio, Thalía, Marina, Ricky, Mireya, Raoul, Cepeda, Nerea, Roi, Agoney, Ana Mena, Alfred, Miriam, Aitana and Amaia.

Aitana finished in second place but so far she has been, without a doubt, the contestant who has further strengthened her career away from “Operación Triunfo”. That has led him to tour around the world. During her travels, in addition to singing, the artist participates in numerous interviews. In one of them, in Mexico, he recognized what had been his worst moment in the academy.

“The worst, without a doubt, the first gala, zero. They put me first of the 18 participants. I opened OT after 10 years, singing the song ‘Bang bang’ by Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande. I did the rap… I literally made it all up”, the “triumph” began by explaining, who abounded in her arguments: “There was a technical sound problem, and the song began to be heard earlier on television. It was out of time. Everyone was lost in that moment. The time for the chorus came, I went into blockage and I think I started to make it up,” he said with a laugh.

After the situation, the artist assures that she got worse: “I say: ‘They kick me out’ It was very easy to know that he was confusing me because my face said it all.”

In addition, Aitana explained to her interviewers that the “Operación Triunfo” format did not give the option of corrections. “All the galas were in real time. If you screwed up, nobody could solve it for you,” she said, about a situation that not only did not end in tragedy, but also had the understanding of the jury, as she herself recounted: “They were aware that there was a technical problem, the judges explained it, and told me that I should have continued without making faces that I was making a mistake. In those months I caught a draw and learned not to make faces”.

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