Enner Valencia responds to Cruz Azul’s offer

The institution cement launched a first offer to Fenerbahce for the Ecuadorian striker, who has already made a decision on the matter

Ecuadorian striker Enner Valencia currently plays for Fenerbahce in Turkey.
© TW @EkremkonurEcuadorian striker Enner Valencia currently plays for Fenerbahce in Turkey.

Last Saturday the President of Cruz AzulVíctor Manuel Velázquez, confirmed that the team sky blue has on the radar Enner Valencia (as well as the Colombian Radamel Falcao). Around the subject, this morning it was added that the institution cement I would have already released one first offer for the Ecuadorian striker.

Blue Cross offered a two-year contract – plus an optional one – to the 33-year-old striker Enner Valencia“, reported Ekrem Konur, a reporter for ESPN and the newspaper Marca, a specialist in the pass market in Turkey. And with it, it widened the illusion by possible arrival of the Ecuadorian attacker a Machine.

However, the hope is gone quickly. And it is that according to Fernando Esquivel, specialist in the transfer market of the MX LeagueEnner’s response was negative”while adding that Valencia expects to renew his contract (which expires next June) with the fenerbahce.

And despite the fact that it is pointed out that the Turkish team will analyze the proposal of Cruz Azulthe posture of Enner Valencia It makes it clear that he has not contemplated -for the moment- living a new experience in Mexican soccer. In view of this, it is confirmed that the present pass market It has been chaotic for the team sky blueWhat do you see? escape one more reinforcement.

Behind the blunt negative of Enner Valenciathe directive of Blue Cross should focus on the Colombian Radamel Falcao? Everything suggests yes. And it is that the coaching staff sky blueheaded by Raul Gutierrezhas the urgency of front center for the new season (already underway) of the MX League.

Meanwhile, I outline the possible reinforcement, it is known that the entity cement you will have to focus on the output from one of your foreign players, in order to free a place in the squad. According to Velázquez himself, they have focused on this in recent weeks in conjunction with the coaching staff.

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