Entre Ríos: they denounce a national official for “urging the illegal practice of medicine”

GUALEGUAYCHÚ.- The lawyer and leader from Entre Ríos Felipe Martinez Garbinowho works as an officer of the undersecretary for political affairs of the Nation, was criminally denounced for “urging the illegal practice of medicine.” Representatives of the Argentine Council of Ophthalmology and the Circle of Opticians, who rejected the “Visual Health Campaign” promoted by the political organization “New Times Gualeguaychú.”

“The ophthalmological community of Gualeguaychú wants to alert about campaigns that would be taking place on August 12 and 13 in our city, initiated by a political organization in various parts of the city. these campaigns They are promoted with sales of prescription lenses at cost, which has as its sole objective the unscrupulous sale of the same, since they are carried out by opticians not registered in the province of Entre Ríos”, they denounced in a press release.

At the same time Geronimo Alazarda doctor specializing in Ophthalmology (Provincial Registration 10619 / National Registration 112584) warned about “the so-called visual health campaigns planned in different institutions of Gualeguaychú, in charge of the political organization Nuevos Tiempos Gualeguaychú, which is directed by the young lawyer Felipe Martínez Garbino”, member of the Undersecretary of Political Affairs of the Nation and general secretary of the local club Juventud Unida.

The professionals pointed out that article 26 of Law 3818 clearly establishes that “those who do not have qualifying titles practice medicine illegally; those who, having qualifying titles, exceed the limits in the exercise of their profession, or announce or carry out alleged resources of secret, mysterious, supposedly supernatural infallible cures; those who are not registered in the Records of the Ministry of Public Health of the Province or in the respective Professional College even if they have a qualifying title”.

Felipe Martínez Garbino, national official from Gualeguaychú
Felipe Martínez Garbino, national official from Gualeguaychú

Based on this regulatory framework, representatives of the Argentine Council of Ophthalmology and the Circle of Opticians of Gualeguaychú A complaint was filed with the Departmental Police Headquarters. of the city in the south of Entre Ríos, in which they pointed out Martínez Garbino as responsible for “urging the illegal practice of medicine” with political propaganda purposes.

After that police complaint, the prosecutor Mauricio Guerrero intervened, who “already ordered the Investigation Division with the first instructions,” judicial sources informed THE NATION.

Martínez Garbino entered the radar of national politics by integrating the Youth of the Renovating Front. Son of a historic Peronist leader who founded his own party and was mayor of Gualeguaychú -Emilio Martínez Garbino-, Felipe approached Kirchnerism and landed in the Undersecretary of Political Affairs of Nación, by Nicolás Agustín Ritacco, another leader who shared militancy in “La Renovadora” in support of Sergio Massa back in 2017.

The young leader of Gualeguaychú, who is an active militant on social networks, published a month ago a meeting he had with other young people with the former president Jose “Pepe” Mujica at his residence in Uruguay. He also managed to position himself on the board of directors of the United Youth Club of Gualeguaychú as general secretary.

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