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Undoubtedly, when young players leave the clubs where they were born, as is the case of Jhon Jáder Durán, who left the “Heroes’ Youth Academy” bound for Major League Soccer loaded with experience at the local level, it meant a great incentive for the Envigadeños sign clauses and percentages that maintain the transfer of the attacker and a great incentive is undoubtedly the fact that a good sum of money comes in if there is a considerable sale.

Envigado kept 20% of the sports rights of Jhon Jáder Durán when the youth squad player was transferred to the Chicago Fire of the MLS. And now that Durán’s departure for Aston Villa has been confirmed, the main beneficiary is the club that gave him the opportunity to become a professional: Envigado.

Envigado did know how to do it by signing and keeping a part of the striker’s sports rights when he left the orange ranks to fall in love with the Chicago Fire. The future of 19-year-old Jhon Jáder Durán changed overnight, while Héctor Cárdenas was in the crosshairs of Héctor Cárdenas for the South American U-20 tournament that will be held in Colombia starting Thursday, January 19, and also, already coupled with the Colombian Senior Team in friendlies and surely in the Qualifiers on the way to the 2026 World Cup in the United States, Canada and Mexico that will begin in March 2023.

Jhon Jáder Durán had an excellent 2022 and began 2023 by hitting Europe hard with the signing of Aston Villa days after starting the dream of the South American U-20 seeking qualification for the World Cup in Indonesia to be played this year. The importance of sealing percentages of sports rights was vital for Envigado when they sold the striker to the Chicago Fire and now they are rewarded.

If anyone knows how to do business, it’s the Envigado who sold him to the Chicago Fire and the American club transferred him to Aston Villa for a value of 18 million euros, undoubtedly important for the North American team. However, the main beneficiary is Envigado, who held 20% of Jhon Jáder Durán’s sports rights and now with this sale he will earn good money.

The sale would also impact Envigado FC due to the percentage it maintains of Jhon Jáder Durán. For this reason, the Colombian club will also have a significant gain. Well, of those 18 million euros, 3.6 million will be directed to the Antioquia team and also, due to solidarity rights, the amount amounts to 4 million that will go to the orange institution. A great deal for the BetPlay League that will benefit the team that gave birth to the jewel, Jon Jáder Durán.

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