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He Barcaafter a curious “dance” with Javi Hernandez, chose Hansi Flick as the new coach for the 2024-25 season. Egarense almost closed a deal to sign the midfielder he liked a lot, but his departure and the arrival of the German blocked the operation. As in the case of Khvicha KvaratskheliaThis Eurocup shows that the legend of the Cühle has common sense when choosing his players.

Before you face Naples in the 1/8 finals Champions LeagueEgarense spoke about the midfielder from 29 years with a past in La Liga, in particular at Celta de Vigo. “I would like to see him in a team like Barcelona.” he said of the player, to the surprise of some of those present at the pre-match press conference.

Egarense spoke about Stanislav Lobotkaone of the steering wheels Naplesand great core leader Slovakia V European Cup historic thanks to their qualification to the round of 16. Midfielder who He was very close to joining Barca.offers its best version in Germany. Due to Englandcompleted another exhibition with his country, which was just one step away from sending out exhibitions South Gate For your home.


MVP of the first and third days Stanislav Lobotka is without a doubt one of the best midfielders in the Eurocup.. Protected Juraj Kuchka And Ondrej Duda In midfield, the central player is the one who commands Slovakia. And how. At the group stage he signed an impressive pass rate of 93.06% (171 out of 183). A “hard worker” who leaves everything for the team every time he steps onto the green and who shows up everywhere.

Without their work this would not have been possible. Slovakia I would overcome the difficult Cluster ANDNear Romania, Belgium And Ukraine as one of the best third places in the entire championship (4 points). Throughout the group stage Lobotka signed 14 rebounds on the opponent’s fieldonly from behind Toni Kroos And Amadou Onana (16) This shows the importance high blood pressure proposed by Francesco Calzona. Without Lobotka it would have been very difficult to achieve the effect.


Slovak does everything. A great example is their match against Belgiumwhat gave him the second MVP so far in the tournament. He could make the right decisions with the ball against a team that presses very well. He didn’t give up perfect possessions and knew when to speed up the game and when to slow it down.

Without the ball, he had a world star like Kevin De Bruyne.which forced him to put his position aside to influence Belgium’s play, and cut off everything that was happening around him. He showed his enormous ability expecthis dignity is great recuperator and their excellent conditions for performing actions at a very good pace and making decisions in situations of maximum pressure.


For all this, Xavi wanted this for Barça. In fact, I closed it.. The player’s agent admitted this a few days ago. Branislav Jarusek. “We agreed on terms with Barcelona, ​​but there was a change of coach. The situation is unclear and Barcelona have some financial problems. It stunned us. This is not a dead end yet, the situation is developing. Everyone knows what a player like Lobotka is. Barcelona, ​​Madrid and England know this.“he explained.

His excellent EuroCup put him on the radar of some very important teams in Europe.But Yarusek wanted to clear up the rumors: “Stanislav can return to Naples and everyone will be happy, for him this is the most likely option.“.

However, he did not give up, leaving the door ajar: “Napoli won’t let one of their best players go for a cheap price and it will be an expensive transfer.“There are specific coaches who are looking for this type of midfielder and I am still in contact with some of them,” he added.

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