EUROJACKPOT WINNING NUMBERS / Draw today 14 January 2022 (conc 2/2022)

THE winning numbers of the new competition Eurojackpot today, Friday 14th January, are available for review. We therefore enter the most delicate phase linked to the second competition of the year which brings together numerous competitors from 18 European countries and all united by a single objective: guessing the “5 + 2”. Will it be the lucky night? To find out it will be necessary to take a deep breath, take your ticket in your hands and compare whether or not the figures on it correspond to those found just at the bottom of this page.

In addition to this very important operation, you can, as always, decide to carry out a very important cross-check, through various methods. There are several channels that allow you to be sure of the lucky numbers just drawn: through SisalTv or through the official game app. Alternatively, you can connect to the Eurojackpot website, check on the Agipronews portal or, finally, on the reliable website of the Customs and Monopoly Agency where the quotas will also be available in a short time. Good luck! (Updated by Emanuela Longo)



15 – 41 – 9 – 44 – 27


4 – 2

(THE Eurojackpot winning numbers are published on the official website of the State monopolies, we decline all responsibility for any errors in the transmission of the winning numbers of the competition, and we invite you to check directly on the website of the monopolies and / or in the receivers)


Exactly seven days after the first appointment of the year, the Eurojackpot contest in the early evening today, Friday 14 January 2022. This is the second round of January in which an increasing number of competitors from all over Europe will challenge the Blindfolded Goddess and try to grab the highest guaranteed prize with the “5 + 2”. Before discovering how it will be possible to try our luck, we cannot fail to take a look at the results of the last contest.

The draw on Friday last was not particularly lucky. According to what was disclosed by Agipronewsin fact, no competitor has managed to hit all the figures that lead to the winning combination and this has had as a primary consequence the growth of the jackpot which has reached 34 million euros. After the last draw of last week, however, five players were celebrating who hit the “5 + 1”, taking home a nest egg of over 390 thousand euros each. The biggest winnings were achieved, two in Germany and the others in Hungary, Norway and Denmark. During the evening, seven “5 + 0” were also hit for 98,397 euros each.


There is no weekend without the new contest first Eurojackpot which will inaugurate the start of the weekend. Many hope to be able to celebrate with a maxi win made possible by the “5 + 2” which this Friday has a respectable jackpot in store. Playing at Eurojackpot is extremely simple as it will be necessary to put 5 numbers out of 50 and 2 Euronumbers out of 10 on your ticket at a cost of 2 euros per game. The winning categories are 12 and this therefore allows you to access one of the many prizes available. The draw is scheduled for 8.00 pm although every Friday evening the wait could be a little longer.

Do not worry though, because in the meantime we can devote ample space to the main rules of the game, which can take place at the normal physical betting shops or, alternatively, online after opening your own gaming account or even via the official Eurojackpot app. It is also possible to participate by playing the Integral Systems and Reduced Integral Systems thus increasing the possibility of winning and you can subscribe to up to five consecutive contests to the open one.


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